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Can’t tell you too much about this artist yet, I’m still looking into it but I’m very impressed by the lyrics, vocals, and beat so I will definitely be researching and getting back to you. For now enjoy, the track is called “HOUSTOATLANTAVEGAS.” Let me know what you all think..



Pretty huge wall with many artists. As the title says its from Sevilla.

Full Friday – Moka Only

The former member of the Canadian Hip Hop group, Swollen Members, is so prolific that his discography often overwhelms newcomers to his music. Allow me to extend an educated hand and get you guys off to a good start with my favorite album of his so far. My favorite track from the album being the one above feating MF DOOM. I have to say I like Moka for his beat selection also. I can’t say that about all the MCs I like, anyway here are the links.

Moka Only – Desired Effect (2005)



When they were dope…

This is a one time post for now about mainstream rappers today and where they started out. If you feel like Jay-z hasn’t put anything out worth a listen since Reasonable Doubt, you’ll like this post very much. Personally, I feel that Jay abandoned his whole style that actually worth something and went an entirely different direction. After that succumbing to major label demands and commercialism he took on a more “universal” style. And thats why I don’t often listen to that fool but its worth explaining because it is often the case with rappers just wanting to “come up.”

So.. heres the first blast from the past. I promise all of you will be very surprised by these tracks.

1. Xzibit – At the speed of life. From his debut album released in ’96. Thanks for my man Yang for putting me up on this.

2. Kanye West – Spaceship. From College Dropout in ’04. He sang on this joint too! and no one complained cuz it wasn’t that auto-tune bullshit and he cared about beats and rhymes.

3. Snoop – G’z Up Hoez Down. From Doggystyle in ’93.

4. Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt. II from their sophomore LP, The Infamous in ’95

**5. Eminem – Infinite. I came across this a little later but it was released in anticipation for Eminem’s album, Relapse. It shows a very hungry Eminem rapping with a very traditional hip hop flow. I read that people criticize this early album because they felt he was copying other people’s styles but thats not the way I took it. This is actually my favorite Eminem album to date especially since the release of Relapse. However, I still want to hear his second edition of the album, Relapse 2 because I’ve read it is more about the songs than about the silly punchlines. If it were up to me I’d have Eminem rap in this style he delivers on Infinite over that non-sense Slim Shady stuff.

This is my favorite of the list so enjoy.


“Like remind my soul!..”

Blu & Mainframe launch New World Color – Disco D.Y.N.A.M.I.T.E. and e.q.e.p.

This is pretty late I know but its worth the post. So Blu and Mainframe teamed up to start the New World Color label just in time to start releasing new Blu material. Blu was dropping music all throughout the day on his twitter in anticipation of the release of Disco D.Y.N.A.M.I.T.E., his upcoming project with Mainframe. The duo, known as Johnson & Johnson, are hoping to top their debut album with this follow up and I’m actually pretty excited after watching the video even though I didn’t enjoy the first album as much as Below the Heavens. I agree with others when I say Exile brings the best out in Blu, so I’m just waiting for an album to top that. I sound like I don’t like Blu when I say that but he’s one of my favorite artists and I’m always looking forward to hearing new songs.

WATCH: Blu & Mainframe – Disco D.Y.N.A.M.I.T.E. video

This is the material that Blu dropped on his twitter put into a zip, enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: Blu & Mainframe – e.q.e.p.

Aquatic Son (of Analog Architects) – Definitely Over Due

Yes, well I’m late on this post a little I know but its worth it. Here is the debut solo project from Aquatic Son, producer/MC of the Analog Architects out of California. Sample-based production sounding very jazzy without sounding ordinary. Ten tracks of pure remix goodness on this tape right here with the standout tracks for me being the Slum Village and Raekwon remixes. I’m probably one of (if not the) biggest fan of Aquatic Son and very few tracks coming made by this guy are contrary to my tastes. The Analog Architects released their debut mixtape Skematics a year ago and are currently finishing up their first round of solo albums before releasing their follow-up album. Pacific Dreams definitely deserves a listen and be sure to check back for more from the Analog Architects.

Go here to listen and download the album for FREE.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Aquatic Son – Pacific Dreams

Freeway & Jake One – Freeway dabbling in the underground or a mainstay?

Alright so Freeway & Jake One’s project, Stimulus Package, drops today and it has a lot of people asking questions about what direction Freeway is trying to take his music. To be honest I’ve never really been a Freeway fan and never felt the need to check his releases out until now. I can’t sleep on Jake One that fools amazing so I had to check this out and I was at least interested to hear it because it was such an odd pairing to me. I haven’t finished really listening to the album yet so I can’t say whether I like it yet. All I can say is the beats sound dope and I haven’t been thrown off by any of the rhymes yet. But when it comes to people thinking Freeway is taking his music in a more “lyrical” direction I think they are mistaken and will probably be disappointed when he drops his next album under Cash Money.. Maybe its just a signal that the line dividing underground and mainstream is still pretty blurry. In any case, if you’re interested like I was go head and give it listen.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Freeway/Jake One – Know What I Mean

FULL FRIDAY – The ABs (formerly Asamov)

This album I came across late last year and was pretty surprised at how well done it was. I’m usually hesitant about groups I know nothing about but I’m glad I had the good sense to give it a listen. As far as I know is the group consists of four MC’s and two producers and hails from Jacksonville, Florida. An interesting fact about the group is that they were forced to change their name by the estate of Isaac Asimov, the author of “I Robot.” Their current name is the Alias Brothers, or ABs and their future material like their recent Boombox EP will be released under that name. I personally like the name Asamov more but what’s done is done. Here is your first FULL (album) FRIDAY post so make sure to click the link and check it out.

DOWNLOAD: Asamov – And Now…

Robust & Prolyphic are Stick Figures

Qwel’s current label, Galapagos4, has just released a collaboration album centering Robust and Prolyphic called Stick Figures. I knew of Prolyphic from his collaboration album with Reanimator, The Ugly Truth which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m glad Galapagos4 is expanding its territory because Qwel’s albums never fail to disappoint no matter how prolific he is. All his albums are worth looking out for. In any event, The Stick Figures album is worth a listen and make sure to look out for more from Robust. This track is off the album, not my favorite but just a preview.