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Alright well I came across this group last week and I was very impressed. What I was expecting from this Congolese group was something very different than the sound they deliver. I really enjoy this group’s music and their recent album, Tres Tres Fort. Its a very different sound to what I’m used to hearing from foreign artists but the mystique around this group was enough for me to check them out. The group is made up of young and old men who live around the Kinshasa zoo in Congo. There’s something very sincere and visceral about their music but I don’t think that’s what separates them from other groups in the region. I think its the sound of their music, a free-form that transcends genre and is just an expression of the members of the group. Enjoy this track called “Na Lingui Yo” and let me know what you think.



AFTA-1 is a producer I’ve been following a while, to me he sounds like he comes from a different background than hip hop producers but I can still hear the dilla influence that has been in every producers music since his passing. I’m waiting on AFTA-1’s next project because his collaborations and mixes haven’t really held me over since the release of AFTATHOUGHTS Vol. 1. Take a listen and share my impatience waiting for his next album.

Flying Lotus and Thom Yorke

Two of my favorite artists come together to collaborate on a track for the upcoming Flying Lotus album, Cosmogramma. I’ve been looking forward to this album for a while because I heard it was an easier listen than the L.A. series. From the tracks I’ve heard so far from the album I have little doubt that it will disappoint Flylo fans. I’m also glad to see Thom Yorke collaborate with American artists because so far I’ve liked the people he’s chosen to work with. I’m still waiting for Thom Yorke and Stones Throw to do a project but I still have his remix of Madvillian on rotation. For now enjoy this track titled “…And The World Laughs With You”, and get Cosmogramma when it drops on 4/20.

Madlib – Medicine Show No. 3

Madlib, keeping up with his plans to make 2010 his most prolific, is releasing a monthly series called the Medicine Show and the most recent issues takes the Beat Konducta into the rich musical history of Africa. The 43 track album is unlikely to disappoint any Madlib fans and showcases many traditional instruments found in the region along with interjecting samples from all around. Like with most Madlib projects I would buy the album just for the cover hah; the vinyl comes in multiple limited-edition colors including black/red and gold/black. Despite this project eclipsing LMNO’s plans to release 10 albums this year, Madlib isn’t stopping there and will continue his plans to release his collaboration albums and other projects outside of the Medicine Show. For instance, I expect his project with Guilty Simpson, OJ Simpson to be released pretty soon and the second Madvillian album is coming I’m sure. After getting Beat Konducta in Africa and loving it of course, I started looking around for what the next installment of the Medicine Show was going to be. I haven’t found that much information yet but I did read that Medicine Show No. 4 is going to be called 420 Chalice All Stars – All Jamaican Sounds and will be released of course on 4/20. There are so many dope albums being released that day and I’m not complaining. After Blunted in the Bomb Shelter, I trust Madlib’s taste in reggae completely and I know the album will be nuts and perfect for the occasion. Here’s a track from the just released Medicine Show No. 3 – Beat Konducta in Africa. Go get that shit!

Graffiti Art

Here is a video of probably my favorite graffiti artist, Retna throwing up a huge mural. I love his style.

BK-One – Rádio do Canibal

This is pretty late also but I was late in getting this album as it was so I don’t see a reason not to post. The album, Rádio do Canibal, is BK-One’s Rhymesayers debut but deserves to be judged among the stand-out albums of other artists. I’ve seen it be described as Hip Hop/Tropical Funk and I can definitely hear why some would say that but there are strong hip hop elements that make the album easy for any listener to appreciate. The album also features a slew of features from artists like Phonte of Little Brother, Brother Ali, Murs and many more. The above track is one of my favorites but the album as a hole as very few low points, a very solid album indeed. Enjoy.

AmpLive x Radiohead

This was released a while back I know but its worth posting for people who still don’t know about it. AmpLive is a member of one of my favorite hip hop groups, Zion I, and as the DJ/producer he stays busy between albums remxing some of his favorite music. This album started a little controversy about it being given out for free until it was finally given the OK. I’m usually very against remixes especially of albums I liked as much as In Rainbows but I really like this album and its made me appreciate AmpLive’s music even more. The track below is probably my favorite off of the album but other tracks include features from Del the Funky Homosapien, Charli2na and others.


Here’s a track from my second favorite artist without an album, the first being Jay Elec of course. Anyway, I came across Jamar Equality on youtube a while ago and was surprised to read he was from Texas and a member of the group The Vultures. I guess it just goes to show that art emerges out of the most restricting places. Like Jay Elec coming out of the south to show people that they aren’t all ignorant swagger-rap lovers. Jamar delivers some great lyrical talent over a track produced by Time Travel. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Albums of the Future – Swift & Changeable

Well, I’ve been waiting to hear news about this album for a very long time but was still very surprised when new information actually surfaced about the prospective Ghostface Killah and MF DOOM collaboration album that has been “in the works” for years now. The artists have cited in the past that the album lacked the proper funding and was therefore being held up, however Nature Sounds, the label that would release the album has hinted on their twitter recently that a release date may be given soon and many are expecting it to be out later in 2010. This is music to my hears of course cuz I’m huge fans of both artists and this collab seems heaven-sent. The title hasn’t been confirmed and I’ve heard many different ones from different blogs including Swift & Changeable (which I like), GHOSTDOOM, and others. No word on who will be involved in the production either but it seems that this mysterious album may very well surface in the near future. Here’s a track featuring both DOOM and Ghost that comes off of the Danger Mouse produced album, The Mouse and the Mask. Enjoy.

Happy Spring Equinox

Alright well, I know I’ve been fuckin up and not posting as much but I’ll be better about that now that I’m off of school for a bit. Since this post isn’t really a part of any series allow me to rant about something real quick. Why are girls getting implants when they don’t need to? I mean if you’re flat chested and you don’t have anything really going on up there thats one thing.. that might be justified but when a girl has plenty to work with its a slap in the face to nature to put plastic all up in your chest.  That kills it for me, I much prefer real to fake and if you think that no one will be able to tell you’re ridiculous and have no business having your body cut open unless something needs to be fixed. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You don’t see me getting bicep and calf implants! Thank you.. ANYWAYS… the above video is from a band I heard about through a mutual friend and I like it very much. The band is gaining notoriety pretty quickly and are currently on tour planning to hit the UK and france for a few shows before returning to Hollywood. If you like the band request the link.