Third Eye Dialated

Albums of the Future – Swift & Changeable

Well, I’ve been waiting to hear news about this album for a very long time but was still very surprised when new information actually surfaced about the prospective Ghostface Killah and MF DOOM collaboration album that has been “in the works” for years now. The artists have cited in the past that the album lacked the proper funding and was therefore being held up, however Nature Sounds, the label that would release the album has hinted on their twitter recently that a release date may be given soon and many are expecting it to be out later in 2010. This is music to my hears of course cuz I’m huge fans of both artists and this collab seems heaven-sent. The title hasn’t been confirmed and I’ve heard many different ones from different blogs including Swift & Changeable (which I like), GHOSTDOOM, and others. No word on who will be involved in the production either but it seems that this mysterious album may very well surface in the near future. Here’s a track featuring both DOOM and Ghost that comes off of the Danger Mouse produced album, The Mouse and the Mask. Enjoy.


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