Third Eye Dialated

Happy Spring Equinox

Alright well, I know I’ve been fuckin up and not posting as much but I’ll be better about that now that I’m off of school for a bit. Since this post isn’t really a part of any series allow me to rant about something real quick. Why are girls getting implants when they don’t need to? I mean if you’re flat chested and you don’t have anything really going on up there thats one thing.. that might be justified but when a girl has plenty to work with its a slap in the face to nature to put plastic all up in your chest.  That kills it for me, I much prefer real to fake and if you think that no one will be able to tell you’re ridiculous and have no business having your body cut open unless something needs to be fixed. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You don’t see me getting bicep and calf implants! Thank you.. ANYWAYS… the above video is from a band I heard about through a mutual friend and I like it very much. The band is gaining notoriety pretty quickly and are currently on tour planning to hit the UK and france for a few shows before returning to Hollywood. If you like the band request the link.


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