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Black Keys New Album

I first got acquainted with the band, the Black Keys, when I learned of their hip hop collaboration album, Blakroc, which was genius and surprisingly the work of Damon Dash. Once I was able to move on beyond the Blakroc album I started looking up their other ones and I’m enjoying them greatly. They have quickly become one of my favorite bands and I look forward to any new material especially a new hip hop collaboration which I am sure is planned. Their new album is their eighth I believe not including Blakroc. It is called Brothers and what I was delighted to see was that there was a Danger Mouse produced track on the album, which is amazing by the way. And here it is.. note the album cover above because it seems to set up the theme for the visuals of the album.


Keys N Krates – MGMT remix

He’s a video of Keys N Krates at SXSW, I believe, doing a remix of  MGMT’s Electric Feel. A great original song and a great remix. Keys N Krates was great at UCR’s spring splash as well, I was very impressed.

Jay Electronica – Ghost of Christopher Wallace

Yes, I know this is on every other blog but its worth noting new Jay Elec material whenever it comes out. I say despite that despite my mixed feelings about the track below. When I heard he was working with diddy or draddle or dildo or whatever he calls himself now I was pretty surprised because before that I believed that Jay had very good taste in collaborators and I think I had reason to think that. He’s worked with Just Blaze, Madlib, and Mos Def and other talented artists so I figured I didn’t have to worry about him ruining his career by working with someone ridiculous. Enter Diddley. When I finally got to hear this track I was still intrigued, probably because of the title, but still hesitant because it listed diddy as the featuring artist. If I can give you the advice I wish someone gave me, listen to Jay Elec’s verses and then turn it off because the next 3 minutes is diddy shitting out of his mouth just fucking verbal diarrhea nonsense. I understand having to work with diddy if you want to make a biggie themed track but don’t have him ON the track. He has no place on a mic ever again. Other than that it was good.

The Gigantics

The Gigantics is a 5 man production team that I just heard about while looking through some work by Rhymesayers artists like Mr. Lif and P.O.S. Their 2008 album, Die Already, features a huge slew of artist features much in the vain of other production based albums that have been released recently. I just got the album and have not even finished listening to the whole thing yet but I can already see that I am enjoying the sound in general. The album features like 50 independent artists so it is truly an underground album that sounds anything but. When you start with the production the way this project did, you know the quality of the music is going to be there especially with very talented producers like the members of the Gigantics. Even with the great production I was actually attracted to this project because of all the rappers that I found listed to be on the album. As soon as I saw Murs, Qwel, and Swollen Members I knew I had to check it out and I was actually surprised at myself for not having the album sooner. Enjoy this sample of the album and let us know what you think.

SlaughterHouse signs to Shady

I just listened to a Royce da 5’9′ interview and he stated that within about a week they would be making an official announcement that SlaughterHouse would be signing to Shady Records very soon. Say what you want about the group, I actually don’t really fuck with the group. I’m not a fan of any of the artists by themselves and the group’s sound doesn’t really appeal to me. I have a few friends that follow the group though and I don’t have as much of a problem with this group as I do with other acts. Royce also said that once the deal goes through, the group will start working on their next album. I didn’t enjoy their past work as much as others did so this post is purely because of the Eminem connection and the fact that some readers may be fans of SlaughterHouse. The thing that Royce said that stuck out the most to me in the interview was that “they [the group] are contrary to the underground.” thats enough for me to say fuck that group because all they are interested in is measuring their success by how much they make and how much they sell. I would have to agree and say that the group has no place in the underground when they have desires like that. So its not surprising Eminem picked them up and will most likely put them where they want to be… on the radio getting radio play along with lady gaga and drake.

Spring Splash

Since today is an exciting for me because I get to see three performers that I’ve never see live before, here’s some of my favorite tracks from the artists that will be at Spring Splash today in Riverside, CA.

I didn’t know about this group until I saw them on the bill for the show but after getting their debut project, Live Re-Mixing 101 and watching their youtube videos I quickly became a fan. They are doing something very different and unique but above all it sounds very dope. A keyboardist, a turntablist and a drummer playing live remixes is no easy task but they make it look so.

One of my favorite LB tracks. A Dilla beat and an Elzhi feature? Nothing else you to ask for.

9th Wonder did right by me after splitting with LB, when he started working with Murs. Murs is probably one of the most popular west coast mc’s around and you either love him or hate him. For me its the former, hes got talent and something to say that I haven’t heard a million times already. Go out and get Fornever if you haven’t already.

The only mc from his generation still making quality music. Unlike snoop and all of Nas’ other peers that started coming up at the same time, Nas hasn’t compromised his music. For the most part at least, I thought the last album was an exception to that because it had too many features by random people that had no place being on a Nas album (specifically Chris Brown and Keri Hilson..) and how many songs are you gunna let  Chrisette Michele be on? seriously.. anyway, I’m still looking forward to hearing Distant Relatives.

Today’s word is ‘Predictable’

R.I.P. Guru

I’m not going to write too much about this because it makes me sad.. but I was just saying to someone who doesn’t really listen to hip hop that death at a young age is a theme in the art form. 43 years old? We’re losing all the legends and t-pain is healthy as a horse.. fuck it.

Albums of the Future – Jay Electronica

Allow me to blow your mind on this joyous holiday. One of the most mysterious figures in hip hop, Jay Electronica is officially beginning his hip hop career soon it looks like. I say this tongue in cheek because though he’s only released like 2 official songs, he’s already attracted a cult following who are eagerly awaiting his debut album. I’m one of those people so I often check for word on any new material from Jay and I recently came across some interesting developments involving a few of my favorite artists. I found an Flying Lotus interview from last month where he leaks some information about his coming projects planned for 2010. One of these projects he said was a collaboration with Jay Electronica and Madlib. At first I thought he might have meant that it was two projects one with each artist but thats not what was said. If this is true I will lose my mind. Madlib and Flying Lotus are my number 1 and number 2 favorite producers right now and Jay is someone I’ve been waiting for for a long time. An insightful and open minded artist who I can relate to. I can’t imagine Jay Electronica rushing his first project so we probably won’t hear anything for a little while longer but a promise of a 2010 release has got me on edge already. Both Madlib and FlyLo are producers that really focus on making cohesive projects and I hope that they keep with that for this collaboration.  Hopefully we get more information about this soon, for now enjoy some Jay Elec produced by Madlib.

Whenever I’m watching these youtube videos there’s always one comment that stands out and sums up my feeling about the song.

aureliusdark: “This dude has legend potential.”

Common Sense

Like Kanye West, Common is feeling that he needs to win back his fans that defected after his last album, Universal Mind Control. The difference is that Kanye took his last effort in an auto-tune heavy emo hop direction while Common’s album was more electronic sounding than his past works. However, both artists are making an effort to mend their relationship with their old supporters by returning to a raw hip hop sound and a more traditional approach. While I’m sure I’ll have to sit through a few ill advised features (I’m sure drake will be on Kanye’s album at least) I have a feeling I’m going to like both of their albums. I think the mere fact that they are aware that they need to change directions is evidence that they will take care in making sure the quality of their “return” albums is outstanding. I am less concerned about Common than I am about Kanye because Common has proven with his long career that he is one of the most intelligent and insightful rappers to ever do it. Common’s next album, The Believer has a tentative release date of December but I have a feeling it won’t be that long till we hear some material. For now enjoy a track from one of my favorite Common albums (and maybe his most lyrically consistent album), One Day It’ll All Make Sense.