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New RJD2 Album

Inversions of the Colossus came out recently. Another classic Rjd2 project that follows his tendency toward a wide range of live instruments. I can enjoy these instrumentals for only so long though.. I’m getting anxious for a collaboration project. Soul Position? That would be amazing but either way I need to hear some rappers on these new Rj tracks soon.


Dreaming of Liquid Swords II

The followup to RZA’s legendary hip hop album, Liquid Swords II is slated for a 2010 release making me even more right when I said last year that 2010 would be a huge year for hip hop. A big enough year to put my cynical ass in a position to love the genre again.


I’m liking this new supergroup project. Taking risks in all the right ways.

On Fire

My favorite track off of Eminem’s Recovery. Album as a whole is obviously better than Relapse but I’m still uncomfortable with his style. I still want more “Till I Collapse” tracks but I’m biased and if it were up to me I would have him spit like that all the time. Of course that will never happen, that sort of lyrical content isn’t what sells these days and Eminem knows that so as a result I’m left to picking out a couple songs from each of his albums that satisfy my backpack tastes. Voila.


Song off of Homeboy Sandman’s new project, The Good Sun. So far its a great listen and my favorite Sandman project by far. Homeboy Sandman is at the top of his lyrical potential on this album. Multi-syllable and intelligent rhymes.

For AFTA-1’s upcoming second album, FORM. Ready to add more proof that he is one of the shining artists on the come-up in the beat scene. I’m always eager to hear new material from this guy. He reminds me of a dilla from another life.

Just got Daisuke Tanabe’s new album, Before I Forget. I’m assuming he’s japanese but he sounds different than other japanese hip hop producers.. more of a beat sound.


Great new group brought to us by Hiero Imperium Records. This song comes from their debut album, New World Symphony.

New John Robinson! He’s a great MC and continues to be prolific with this new collaboration with Lewis Parker called International Summers. This one is definitely worth a listen.

A band so new they haven’t played their first gig yet.

Off of 14kt’s new albumĀ Golden Hour.. Nice beat.

French Highs

Here’s a track from producer, Quetzal’s album, Vision. Mayan producer? Nope, he’s french. I don’t know what it is about europe right now but a lot of dope hip hop producers are popping up. Below is a track from another producer from France, Leon. Both producers have pretty different styles but Leon’s work sound more ‘european to me.’ I bet that sounded ignorant. Enjoy.

Jermiside & Danny Diggs

So as an example of my own music bias I decided to post a piece on Jermiside. This MC is one I’ve slept on for some reason or other and never really gave him a listen or got into his music until now. I’ve heard of him a long while ago but never had the urge to get his albums. I saw this video recently and finally had the motivation to look into his music. This track comes off Jermiside’s new album, Middle Classic, produced by Danny Diggs. The production is reminiscent of golden era hip hop and Jermiside provides insightful lyrics that compliment the beats perfectly. Jermiside definitely impressed me with his rhymes on this album so I’m sure I’ll be posting more about him in the future. Give him a chance and I’m sure you’ll understand why he caught my attention in an era of pop inspired rap, as one of the most talented lyricist out right now.