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There is love of course. And then there’s life, its enemy. – Jean Anouilh

I have to admit that the posts for this week were supposed to be much different especially in tone but recent events have changed my attitude I suppose. Just be happy I already had these posts written and done before I had a chance to rant and complain.. I just had to change a few things, pictures, titles, so as not to misrepresent current self.

Chino Hills, CA native, Teebs, is quickly making a name for himself in Southern California’s super fertile beat scene. To me his style is a little more laid back than others like Onra and Dibiase but I still really enjoy his music. For people who love instrumentals and for beat heads.

Atmosphere released a new EP recently called, To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blade Holy. I’m a true Atmosphere fan and Slug is an artist that helped me get into underground hip hop so I’m always looking out for this Minnesota rapper’s next release. This free EP has some quality tracks on it and the one above is one of my favorites. A classic Atmosphere song that is a good example of the group’s style.

This track comes off of an album I just got from Todd Sykes & EvergreenOne. The song title I think explains the album’s direction pretty well. It features some upbeat raps over 90’s style beats by some boys from Washington state. I think its funny how they rep west coast on this album, not that they shouldn’t but it didn’t strike me as super west at first. Maybe after listening to it more I’ll hear the pacific influence but take a listen and judge for yourself.

I wasn’t sure who this artist was or whether or not to look into his music until I saw that he had a track produced by Damu the Fudgemunk, one of my favorite producers. Agent Mos’ new album, Natural Self is a pretty surprising project. I wasn’t expecting to much but I enjoyed the album for the most part. Its pretty laid back and very underground in its presentation.

I just started getting into this group but I’m quickly becoming a big fan. Cleveland’s Poetic Republic is another great hip hop group that has clearly been influenced by Jurassic 5, Panacea, and other collectives. I got two of their albums and I’ve been listening to them a lot this past week. The track above is a good introduciton  to their music I feel.. a nice beat and decent verses. Some nice upbeat hip hop for a nice day.


Sounds Beautiful Like the Truth

FlyLo released this new EP recently, Pattern+Grid World, and if you know me you know that I’m always on the look out for new music from artists that I like as much as this guy. Flying Lotus, Madlib, OneBeLo, Mos Def… I virtually stalk these guys waiting for music to get released. FlyLo is a sly one; I wasn’t expecting a release like this and was actually waiting for a project called DJ Kicks that was supposed to be all hip hop beats. Alas, it may have just been rumors. People yearning for a chance to hear some of his hip hop beats should just go back to and visit his earlier material.

Yes I know some of you may be sick of me posting anything that Freddie Joachim comes out with but he released a collection of remixes of tracks from artists like Floetry and Alicia Keys. I listened to this project in the car and I enjoyed it. A very chill collection of remixes that is a must for Freddie Joachim fans. Maybe its just me but I’ve been wanting to hear a collaboration project from him where he teams up with a capable rapper to make some great duo tracks.

Producer, Jinesis released a new album, I’ll Be “Sky Blue” recently but I couldn’t find a video sample of any track on the album. The track above is from another one of his projects. I always try to give a sample of the artist I’m talking about so I apologize that its a little older. His new release, however, is definitely worth a look. With over 30 tracks, I’m sure it would be easy to find something you enjoy.

“It could all be so simple..”

Atlanta, GA based jazz/soul artist Nonameko isn’t someone I’m familiar with but after I heard this track featuring Sole Profit off her album I was impressed. Fans of Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and Floetry should definitely check this girl out. Great voice and an apparent good taste in beats. I could definitely listen to more music like this track and I’m hoping to hear her voice on more tracks from other rappers. I wasn’t expecting for her to sound so good when I read about her but I enjoyed it.

This artist kind of reminds me of Slug from Atmosphere. Maybe a similar style of delivery but I have to give Slug the advantage, he’s got the lyrical ability down. This guy Sadistik isn’t bad he’s just not amazing. Its a good example of self-loathing rap that Slug often channels. The album, The Art of Dying, is worth a listen if you enjoy that type of rap. The beats are nice and the rapper occasionally delivers some choice lines. Take a listen and see what you think.

One of my favorite Jackson songs.. almost as good as “Rock With You” but its a different type of song anyway. I have this song stuck in my head sometimes and I have to fight the urge to start dancing while walking home or to my car.

“Come Visit Me”

What I want[ed] to hear. NOPE. That would be too easy.

Just heard about this guy recently and this is the first track I heard from him. I actually like this song a lot and its a good opener to some of Mac Miller’s other material. I downloaded the rest of his stuff recently but haven’t had a chance to dive into it yet. This track and the mixtape its off of, K.I.D.S., is surprisingly enjoyable and has a few pretty memorable songs. From what I understand is this fool is really young and from Pittsburgh. It might be just me but I kind of hear his pronunciation in a lot of up and coming artists. Maybe the way he trails off at the end of some words but he’s still young and I’d be interested in hearing more from him.

DJ Muggs is a well respected producer having worked with Cypress Hill, GZA, and many more. On this album he hooks up with Ill Bill to make a hard-hitting, aggressive project thats definitely worth checking out for all you hardcore hip hop lovers.

I was downloading a lot of Daedelus the other day and came across this album he did with Busdriver. I’m not a huge fan of Busdriver but he works with a lot of talented artists and has a decent following. He just raps a little too weird for me some times.. his style is hard to follow sometimes.

A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him. -Ezra Pound

If you needed another reason to check out well known L.A. producer Daedelus, you might want to check out this album, Love to Make Music Too. Probably one of the best names for an album I’ve seen.. Makes you want to listen to every track. He’s very much a part of that LA hip hop/electronic/experimental scene thats making a lot of great music right now.

I’m assuming this artist, Obba Supa is from England from his accent. The new album, Audio Alchemy, has a pretty dark tone that I don’t find too interesting. Much like some of the other groups from England like the Brotherhood and Task Force. If you get past that you might be able to enjoy the beats and the subtle flow of the MC.

K-Murdock is one half of Panacea. A great hip hop group known for its smooth stream-of-consciousness flow and style. I just downloaded this album, Piano-Rama, which is apparently volume 2 of his Mood Muzik series.


This track is from the legendary 1999 album, Prince Among Theives, by Prince Paul of De La Soul. I saw an interview of Blu talking about what he’s been up to and what he listens to regularly. This album came up and I hadn’t heard it so I decided to look it up. Not what I usually listen to but I know a lot of people that would enjoy this throwback album.

Black Thought and Dice Raw of the Roots teamed up with Porn and Truck North to make a new group, The Money Makin’ Jam Boyz. Once you get over the name of the group and take a listen to their mixtape, The Antidote, you’ll see its not half bad. The mixtape is decent and anything Black Thought touches deserves attention.

I’ve seen this album’s cover around for a long time but always assumed it was an old jazz album. I was very wrong and should have downloaded all of Superstar Quamallah’s music immediately. I really enjoyed the two albums I got recently and I’m still playing them in my car. Some good hip  hop right here that maybe wouldn’t get your attention at first. Get his solo album, Invisible Man and his album with Taj the Infinite, All Souled Out.

Big Ups

I’m having a great time sorting through all this reggae I still haven’t looked at. Thanks to other things occupying my time, I have a stockpile of music I need to look through and decide what to keep and what to lose. I mentioned that I would look into Hugh Mundell’s music after I heard him on an acoustic track with Augustus Pablo. This track is amazing. I love roots songs like this.

I hadn’t heard of this group a week ago. I just got their album, African Holocaust. Despite the name of the album, I decided to check it out. I don’t like music thats too preachy or afrocentric that why I can’t listen to Dead Prez for too long. However, this song is pretty nice.. more upbeat than the song above still its about struggling like most reggae songs.

It’s a kind of cake.


Atlanta based hip hop group released a new album, Freezing World. Definitely my kind of music and worth a listen.

I don’t know who Zeph & Azeem are but this track is pretty cool. I think its more experimental hip hop than the track before. Not sure how much I like the album yet but I’ll back to it. Its Zeph on the raps and Azeem on the beats I believe just to give you some info.

Live set from Auditory Ossicles. Dope name you have to admit. I just got their album, We Love Beats Too. The band is from Bulgaria.

Mark Your Territory

New video for a track from my favorite rappers last album, TSOL. Great track but the video isn’t as good as the one for his last single, ‘Yaa I get it’. Anything Shad does is dope though so I’m excited for anything new from him.

I found this video yesterday and I love it. I have a few Augustus Pablo albums so I’m familiar and a fan but I didn’t know the other artist in the video. It caught my attention because it said acoustic. You might think that acoustic reggae would sound the same as regular reggae but this track is pretty different than the tracks I’ve posted before. Maybe its just the style of that time but I’ll do some research and get back.

Join the Diaspora

Beautiful building isn’t it? The CUNY Grad Center in Midtown. Survival of the hippest.