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No matter how ephemeral it is, a novel is something, while despair is nothing. –Mario Vargas Llosa

I just got the new album from the Niceguys. I didn’t know they made videos but this one isn’t half bad.

I’m pretty excited about sharing this one. One of my favorite hip hop groups of all time, Zion I, is about to release a new album called Atomic Clock so I wasn’t prepared when I stumbled upon this project. The unique MC of the Zion I duo teamed up with dj/producer The Are who you may know from his recent collaboration with another great MC, John Robinson. I’m really liking this album, both the production and the vocals. To my surprise, Zumbi fits perfectly on the beats and its nice to hear his voice on beats that are different from what Zion I would put out. I’ll probably be listening to this one for a while, or at least until Atomic Clock comes out on Nov. 9.

If beats could sing they would sound like Bahwee. I had no idea who this artist is. I just downloaded the album recently and the beats are amazing. Great instrumentals from this California producer. I just read that he’s from Chino Hills… so is my cousin, next time I see him I’m going to ask “what the fuck have you done?.” Above is one beautiful beat from Bahwee’s album, Flavors.

The first time I heard about Gaslamp Killer he opened for Blu at UCR. He’s known for his eccentric performances and his connection to Flying Lotus. They’re label mates and they often tour together. This track is from his new EP, Death Gate, that I’m finding more my taste than his other projects. This EP seems more ‘hip hopy’ and less dub step so its more palpable for a hip hop head.


Donne-moi ton amour

Another artist I just came across recently. Infinito 2017? Not a very memorable name but once you hear the music you’ll take note of this album, We are Dark. Very nice beats, simple and straight forward verses that are on point.

Not my first introduction to Animate Objects but to my surprise this new project of theirs is a step forward for them. I liked their earlier work but if they continue in this direction I can see them getting a lot more attention. This group and their new album, Dubs, Grunts and Things, deserves a look and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Pretty solid track from Soarse Spoken’s album, Third World Prophecies. Pretty nice beat with some interesting visuals as well.

This album by Sojourn, Sojournalism, was a pleasant surprise since I had no idea who this artist was and didn’t know what to expect. My curiosity was rewarded with a very pleasant project and a new artist to look out for.

Tribute to girls with superior intellect

When I said I was excited about sharing this weeks artists, this is one that comes to mind right away. What I can only describe as tropical reggae, this group, Quantica Presenta and their album, Flowering Inferno is on rotation in my car almost daily.

Can’t forget a reggae track for this week. Horace Andy makes some of my favorite reggae songs. He’s very consistent and his music makes me feel much happier.

Lou Bond is a legend and his self-titled album is present in every major record collector’s crates. Someone needs to sample this guy if it hasn’t already happened, which I’m starting to think it must have. There’s no way this guy has gone under the radar, producers and dj’s are serious about vinyl so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are beats out their with Lou Bond samples.

Don’t smoke blunts with supermen.

Belief is a producer with a pretty funky style. His album, Dedication has many notable guests including Murs and Wordsworth.

I found this group, Rebel Clique, a little more electronic than I was expecting but this Cincinnati duo has an interesting sound. I always forget where I found out about artists after I download their music but I’m going to go out on a limb and say I heard about them from one of the more electronic/soul oriented blogs I frequent. I’ll have to get more of their music and get back to guys but I’ll say they might be interesting so take a listen.

I forgot LL Cool J used to rap. I revisited his early work and his classic album, 14 Shots to the Dome and am reminded that he used to rap during hip hop’s golden age. He is often thought of as a cliche artifact from the early 90’s era but allow this track to take you back to a simpler time when hip hop could be easily defended as art. I won’t get carried away and start complaining about music nowadays so I’ll move on.

No bites? Change the bait and tackle.

So much music I wanted to share this week will have to wait but there’s a reason I had to show this artist, Ohbliv and his album, EZwidas. Another great instrumental album to relax or spit to. Again, I don’t know too much about this guy but I always try to at least find out where the artists are from. Ohbliv happens to come out of Richmond, Virginia.. I’m going to have to stop hating on the south since it has produced Jay Electronica, Oddisee, and this guy.

Juj is a producer out of Santa Cruz, California. His beats are a little more up beat and a different speed than what I usually listen to but I enjoyed this album, SLACK, all the way through. Quite a few ‘bangers’ on here that I know a lot of you will enjoy.

I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful. -Marilyn Monroe

Elzhi is definitely one of my favorite MCs and Madlib has been my favorite producer for a while now. Apparently this is to promote Elzhi’s upcoming LP that I have no information on yet. I’m always wary of tracks claimed to be a “freestyle” now that the term is used so loosely. When I think of a freestyle I think of rhymes being thought of and said on the spot. No old, recycled, or  unused verses. That’s more like an unreleased track. This rappers like Shad and Elzhi I can never tell if they’re freestyling or spitting unused material. If it was any other rapper I would say that this isn’t a true freestyle because the rhymes are too polished but I don’t know in this case.

Amiri is a rapper I’m just starting to get into. I heard about his new LP, The Recipe, and I was intrigued. He’s not a rapper that would strike you the first time you hear him but he’s starting to grow on me. This album doesn’t have to many features and that’s a good thing. I don’t think you can really express yourself fully if there are featuring artists on every track of your album.

Hip hop duo, 7L & Esoteric just released their new LP, 1212. I haven’t finished listening to the whole album yet so I can’t say much. I’m not a huge fan or either artist but I know their audience and they have a pretty big fan base. Some pretty solid music though.

NEWS: Music to my ears.

I’ve been waiting for the Deltron 3030 sequel for years.. The first album was hailed as one of the best hip hop albums of the decade. And that’s not hype. The concept album is a space opera set in the year 3030. In this video, Del the Funky Homosapien of the group Hieroglyphics gives proof that the next installment will see the light of day. From what I heard a while ago, Dan the Automator has already finished the beats and the scratches have been laid down as well, the only thing needed is Del’s vocals. Some of these vocals are shown in the video and Del gives some information on the storyline of the next album. Make sure to look out for the follow-up to one of my favorite albums.

I’m a pretty big LMNO fan even though I’m not too keen on the Visionaries.. I don’t like all their voices. I say that and realize it doesn’t make sense because LMNO has the weirdest voice in the group but still. I like his very rigid monotone style. I like that he’s from california too. This video is a promotion for the “James Kelley 10 album pack” just released by Up Above Records that includes all of LMNO’s 2010 albums including the 3 yet to be released. You can find the pack on the record label’s website. I’m actually still excited about one of the albums yet to come out. I have high hopes for No Apologies produced by DJ Babu of Dilated Peoples. That one comes out Nov. 16th so stay tuned for a single from that.

One of my top 5 favorite MC’s, OneBeLo is promoting his upcoming projects with this video. I’ve been waiting for his next album, B.A.B.Y. for a while but from what I’m hearing now he is set to release a FREE mixtape called L.A.B.O.R. very soon. I haven’t been hearing any release dates which is interesting because I know his group, Binary Starr, is said to have a 2nd album in the works. I’m not complaining or anything, I happy as hell that I’m going to get to hear so much onebelo in the near future. I’ve been playing the hell out of his last album, R.E.B.I.R.T.H. and that song ‘Grey.’ Look that shit up.

Si tu veux

My brother and I watched some french films over the weekend. Subtitles weren’t very accurate on some so learning anything wasn’t really an option. Some pretty good films though; definitely worth a look.

I remember watching The Bird Cage when I was pretty young. I probably watched Mrs. Doubtfire and liked Robin Williams’ slap-stick. I thought it was hilarious when I first watched it and I still watch it whenever its on.

This is the sequel to the hilarious spy film parody, OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies. I liken these films to a better austin powers but thats not really a fair comparison. I’m still waiting for the next film in the series and for Jean Dujardin to reprise his role as the secret agent OSS 117.

And here are two films to be watched..

I heard this film is a lot like a french public enemies or scarface. I like Vincent Cassel, I think I first remember noticing him in Derailed and Ocean’s 11 or 12 or 13 I don’ know. In reality he’s a famous french actor who is often in films by great auteur directors like Jacques Audiard. I know this because I’ve been going back and downloading Audiard’s older films recently.

For fans of Amelie this film should seem familiar. The filmmaker, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, shows a consistent style when you’ve seen more than one. I haven’t had a chance to watch this one but I have it waiting on my hard drive.

Axe on Wax

Damu the Fudgemunk is truely an axe on wax. He’s one of my favorite beat makers alive and I’m hoping to hear more and more from and about him. This is a great clip to watch if you’re not already aware of Damu’s genius. I’ve never seen him play the drums so this video was extra dope. I love Damu’s unique sound and I already knew he must of had an extensive knowledge of the genre but this video gives you a look at his process and his influences.

I just got this album and I’ve listened to it a few times already in the car. I’m liking it.. the beats are on point and the lyrics are dope. I can’t always relate to the topics of the female MC, Boog Brown, but that’s rare. For the most part I think its a dope debut album for Boog and a good lead in for Apollo Brown’s next production project, Gas Mask, with the new group, The Left.

What do I have to do to get away?

Sometimes you can’t run away from stress or anxiety. ^Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean. So isolated the native inhabitants’ culture is 60,000 years old and they only made contact in 1992.

I like trippy shit like this. On a space odyssey type of music that makes you anticipate the beat dropping. This track is from Supersci, a Swedish hip hop group made up of one producer, one MC, and one dj. If I didn’t know better already I would have said these guys are from the states. Its easy to say that these guys have talent and know what their doing. Definitely worth checking out if you like chill hip hop and turntablism.

Continuing our journey around the hip hop world here’s an Iraqi hip hop group called, Euphrates. The album is called A Bend in the River. Like you might expect, their music is a little more aggressive but I’d be lying if I said that they don’t have lyrical talent. I was not expecting all the multi-syllable word play and sped up flow. Needless to say I was impressed and am currently rocking this album on my phone. Fans of Jedi Mind Tricks need to check this one out. A lot of references to arab culture so be prepared for that. Other than that its pretty solid.