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From such crooked wood as that which man is made of, nothing straight can be fashioned. -Immanuel Kant

LMNO is wrapping up his impressive 10 album project for 2010 with the release of a 10 pack that is available on the Up Above Records website. I just got finished listening to 2 more of the albums, No Apologies with Dj Babu and Blessing in Disguise with fellow Visionaries members, 2Mex and KeyKool. I have to admit to really enjoying No Apologies. The beats were on point and LMNO delivers some through provoking verses. I can definitely understand waiting to release these till the end since they are my favorite ones so far in the set. Now I’m looking forward to the last one, LMNO is Dead, even more.

Ive been waiting for this album to come out for almost a year I think. I remember hearing about it when I first started listening to Apollo Brown. Now that fans have enjoyed his solo work with the release of The Reset and have witnessed his ability to collaborate with a talented MC like Boog Brown and create a traditional producer/rapper duo, his next move seems reasonable. His next album, Gas Mask, is a collaborative effort with Journalist 103 and DJ Soko to form the group, The Left. I’m still working on my critic of this album but so far I’m liking it. I haven’t heard of Journalist 103 till now so I need to listen to more of his material before I feel comfortable judging him. What I can say is that if you like more hardcore type raps and banging beats this might be the group for you. Not to pigeon hole this group or discourage anyone from looking into them, but thats just what I feel so far. Take a listen for yourself.

Here’s an artist I just found out about. Still looking into his music but liking it so far.


Your Kung Fu is strong.

What’s the definition of a third-eye rapper? Greydon Square can help you understand what it takes. The only rapper I know who can say philosophers listen to his music. Apparently  Penn Jillette and Richard Dawkins, are both fans of his work and his choice of topics which include politics, religion, philosophy, and physics. I found Greydon’s story very interesting and wanted to share. He was born and raised in Compton, is an Iraq War veteran and outspoken atheist. While questioning and eventually losing his faith, he began posting videos on youtube. The above track is from his third album, The Kardashev Scale. He announced he is also releasing a collaboration album with Pakistani rapper, Adil Omar. Take a listen and see what you think.

Some more funky hip hop for you guys. I like this beat a lot, simple but interesting.

Cradle Orchestra is a Japanese jazz/hip hop band. If you’re familiar with hip hop from Japan you’ll find this band’s music fits perfectly into that genre. The album itself might be a little too downtempo for me but I know the Japanese love slow jazz beats and I’m not complaining. I’m going to keep a close eye on that part of the world’s hip hop though to see if all those producers start to sound like Nujabes much like everyone over here sounding like J Dilla. If you enjoy jazz beats and instrumentals than I’m sure you’ll find this album an easy listen and enjoy it.

I hear Sweden is nice.



Does it come with dat ass?

I just started listening to this band, Naive Thieves. I heard an interview they did on my school radio station and it made me interested to hear their music. Its ‘pop-y’ I suppose but aside from the negative connotation that pop has and deserves, these guys make pretty nice music. Reminds me of catchy and cute hawaiian music. If that doesn’t sound interesting I don’t know what’s wrong with you but take a listen anyway.

Some more dope foreign inspired instrumentals. This track comes from the French duo, Cassius, composed of Philippe Zdar and Hubert ‘Boombass’.

Franco Micalizzi is an Italian composer who makes music for films. After listening to another album that was inspired by old spy films, this type of project always gets my attention. I’m not sure where this track comes from but its definitely unique and brilliant.

En couple? Adieu.

Surprise, surprise.

A track from Tokyo based producer, Robert de Boron’s dope album that features a lot of well-known guest artists like Stacy Epps and Collective Efforts.

Another compilation type album from Canadian hip hop duo, Dirty Circus. Fans of turntablism, this is for you. This album also features a number of popular hip hop artists like Shad K., Blue Scholars, and Moka Only.

said the girl 3,000 miles away.

I’ve been following Eric Lau for a while and its nice to hear he’s getting more attention. He’s a pretty gifted producer, its obvious why he’s successful.

CunninLynguists  is one of the first groups I got into when I first started listening to underground music.

Here’s a group I hadn’t heard of before. I’m addicted to new music and I get lucky sometimes when I’m searching for new stuff and I’ll find shit like this. Phonosapiens is a great name also.