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How nice–to feel nothing, and still get full credit for being alive. -Kurt Vonnegut

First visuals from Zion I’s new album, Atomic Clock. They last toured with dub reggae group, Rebelution, a group I’m a big fan of already. This track featuring Rebelution is a dream come true for me. I couldn’t have guessed that Zion I would be the hip hop group to team up with Rebelution but I’m not complaining. This track is more than I could have asked for.. Nice dub beat by Rebelution and dope lyrics from Zion I rapper, Zumbi.

Here’s a track off of the recently released album, Supply For Demand, from producer Damu the Fudgemunk. He’s one of my favorite producers so I’m always looking forward to hearing new material. I can’t help but think he’s holding back on releasing his music. He’s been around for a while and I remember listening to his group, Y Society, and being really impressed. He definitely seems influenced by the golden era but his style is still obviously unique and progressive. From what I hear, another Y Society album is in the works which makes me think we can expect a lot more from Damu in the near future. Check this track out and enjoy.

You might know Eligh from his collaborations with the Grouch but this track comes from his latest solo album, Grey Crow. If you’re a fan of interesting rhyme schemes and unique styles, you should check this guy out. I almost don’t want to say this because their so different but listening to this album made me think of the Bone Thugz in Harmony and the way they rap super fast. I’ve heard rappers call this ‘double timing’ but I’m sure there are other names for it. Anyway, take a listen to this track and hopefully it motivates you to look into his other material.

The rapper, Karniege released this new mixtape, Can I Kick It Vol. 2. I wasn’t familiar with this guy until I saw this mixtape floating around but I have to say its not too bad. I can see what kind of audience he would attract and its one that already listens to similar underground music. Aarophat is a rapper I’ve seen on other albums and I remember liking his style, so this track caught my attention. The rhymes are cool and the beats aren’t anything to sneeze at. Maybe he’s not the best rapper I’ve put up on this blog but I know a lot of people that would feel his music. See for yourself.


Can I get a what, what?

New visuals for Blu’s track “GNG BNG” produced by guru Flying Lotus. Could this be a track off of the upcoming, No York? Maybe, but I think its probably the usual free track giveaways that Blu is known for on twitter. Either way the track is pretty out there but I like it. Flylo and Blu is a good combination.

Shad, K-OS, and Astronautalis. If you aren’t familiar with the third artist don’t worry I wasn’t either when I saw this video. I have since acquired his latest effort and will get back to you when I finish listening to it. If, however, you don’t know who Shad or K-OS are you have yet to hear what Canadian hip hop has to offer the genre. I became a fan of K-OS when I first started getting into underground music and I’m a fan of all his albums and mixtapes except the one track he has with the overhyped, underwhelming, drake. In contrast, Shad K. can honestly describe himself as a conscious artist. I’ve said it before, Shad has been my favorite rapper since I saw the youtube video with him rapping in front of garage. While everyone else is trying to get rich and make shit that sells and have the balls to call it art, Shad’s humble ass delivers multi-syllable double entendres and metaphors for days and makes it look easy.

First video for the Alchemist and Oh No’s newest collaboration album, Gutter Water. The duo call themselves “Gangrene” and their album will be released on Decon records I believe, the same label that released Shad’s latest, T.S.O.L. The video is kind of simple and vague but you see The Roots make an appearance that was worth it for me. Track is pretty nice too but I’m expecting more from the rest of the album. I’ll probably follow this up later with more to say about the album but I’ve yet to listen to it.

Hip Hop ain’t dead, your radio’s just on.

I’m a new fan to Marco Polo; I think the first thing I heard and liked was a track he did with Masta Ace. He’s a pretty talented producer with a golden era hip hop sound and he obviously knows which artists to work with. Talib Kweli is still a very important underground artist despite the disappointing second Reflection Eternal album.

New track from new Rocnation signee, Jay Electronica. I won’t rant about how much I object to that decision because would lead to a paragraph about ‘what could happen’ and I’ll wait till his debut album comes out to decide whether or not he sold out. In any event, this track is dope as per usual with Jay. Let’s just hope he stays true. This track is a dedication to the late Gangstarr rapper, Guru, over a Dj Premier beat. RIP.

Not so new track from Nas. Lost Tapes Vol. II is supposedly on its way and set for release this month. I’m eager to hear some post-Damien Marley collab. Nas material. My hope is that project inspired him to make real and conscious music. Picking better beats wouldn’t hurt either, Nas is notorious for poor beat selection. All that lyrical ability deserves the support of some dope beats. Ideally a new album with some talented underground producers would be in the works. Or maybe I’m just dreaming about Pharoahe Monch’s much awaited album, We Are Renegades. Anyway, let this track hold you over till lost tapes drops.

Je rêve encore de toi.

Ce n’est pas ma faute que tu te ne trouves pas ici.

I thought I’d post some foreign music on here by posting these film clips. This clip is from the 1960 French film, La Vérité. Brigette Bardot stars as the main character Dominique Marceau and she also recorded a song for the soundtrack called “Moi, Je Joue.” Toward the middle of this clip, the audio is swapped for Bardot’s song while the scene continues. Interesting and beautiful.

This clip is from the Italian film, A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin. I have a different reason for posting this clip actually. The famed Italian composer, Ennio Morricone created the soundtrack for this film and many others. I’ve been starting to get into composers like Morricone and others (Francisco De Masi, Franco Micalizzi) who are famous for creating great film soundtracks.

I Heard that.

New video from Black Thought’s new-ish group, Money-Makin’ Jam Boys. Pretty dope beat with Black Thought rapping slower than he normally does but I like the new style and think its appropriate for this side project with Dice Raw. Check it out.

Flying Lotus live on BBC Radio 1. Gilles Peterson is my hero.