Third Eye Dialated

The Current Most Over-Rated Acts

I won’t sully my own blog with posting the actual music on here but if you want to know what not to listen to click the links.

1. Jay-Z (will always be number one at this at least. I’m sorry if I don’t get the appeal of rappers being businessmen also. That seems counterproductive to the artistic process; as explained by Kendrick Lamar this interview/freestyle. He seems to perpetually be at the same stage as Kevin Smith is currently; so distant and disconnected from your audience that you are forced to find a new one. Unfortunately, Jay-Z went pop along with Kanye and everyone else on the radio it seems like and gained the largest and most undiscerning audience of them all.)

2. lil Wayne (I don’t think I’ll ever be rid of this guy but he does let me know what “artists” not to listen to by having them featured on his songs. Artists that stay away from him are usually the ones I listen to.

3. Drake (I completely understand why the masses love this fool.. he IS pop music.. he sings and raps about girls, money, and how cool he is. But I was a little shocked when K-OS said he approved of drake. Almost as much as when Talib said he can appreciate lil wayne. I don’t think real artists should sign off on these people. Be more responsible, some people take you seriously.)

4. Odd Future (I’m glad you’re independent but I would be happier if you made good music. Take a step back from the ‘hardcore’ as you seem to think of it and try just rapping. Real hip hop artists can rap acapella and their lyrics will still hold up. I won’t hurt my brain to imagine any of this group’s song without an overpowering, heavily condensed beat to drown out half of what your saying.)


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