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All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns. -Bruce Lee

Now back to our regular weekly-scheduled programming.

I came across this new video and thought it would be a perfect track to get us back on track of large weekly posts. One of my 5 favorite producers and DC native, Damu the Fudgemunk is getting back together with his past collaborator, rapper Insight. You might know Insight from ShinSight Trio but I first found about him through his collab with Damu under the group name, Y Society. This track is meant to get us ready for more Damu material coming this year and a full-length collaboration and return album for Y Society. Enjoy this track and look out for more Damu in the near future.

A really dope track I just found that is apparently a single to an upcoming follow-up to the first Zion I & the Grouch collaboration project. I’m not crazy about he chant in the hook but Amp Live’s beat is dope and the verses are cool. Their last project was pretty amazing and had a track produced by Flying Lotus and that was actually the first time I heard raps on a FlyLo beat. That track was of course my favorite on the album. I expect these artists to continue to get better so I’m anticipating the early 2011 release date. For now enjoy the singles and go look into their first project, Heros in the City of Dope.

I love Bill Withers especially of the era that this video is from. This track should have been in that ‘songs to get it on’ post from a while ago but its appropriate for this week too. I’m starting to like blues more and more; not to say Bill Withers is classically blues since there is obviously some soul and r&b influences in his music. He has an amazing voice and his songs usually reflect common blues themes within the context of relationships with women.



Ratatat released this remix album in 2007. It’s the second volume of remixes with mainstream rap artists at the time. I like the band but in that past I’ve felt that they have poor artist selection when it comes to collaborations. Although this album assured me that I was right, I did like the songs I knew I would like just form looking at the tracklist. Meaning I didn’t enjoy the songs with slim thug and young jeezy… what a surprise. Other than that the beats are dope and its worth a listen.

Amp Live of  the great Oakland hip hop group, Zion I, made a remixtape of tracks from the recent album, Eskimo Snow, by the band Why?. Amp Live has been known for making amazing remixes of other bands like Radiohead and Rebelution. I enjoyed the Radiohead remixes the most I think. I was very impressed. I’m not a huge fan of the band Why? but this track is pretty dope.

I just came across this yesterday. Apparently there is another remix LP that is adaptation of California producer, Exile’s Radio LP released in 2009. This track is the from the album which is called AM FM. I’m not sure what producers are on the album since I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet but so far I’m liking it.. this track is pretty dope.

AmpLive x Radiohead

This was released a while back I know but its worth posting for people who still don’t know about it. AmpLive is a member of one of my favorite hip hop groups, Zion I, and as the DJ/producer he stays busy between albums remxing some of his favorite music. This album started a little controversy about it being given out for free until it was finally given the OK. I’m usually very against remixes especially of albums I liked as much as In Rainbows but I really like this album and its made me appreciate AmpLive’s music even more. The track below is probably my favorite off of the album but other tracks include features from Del the Funky Homosapien, Charli2na and others.