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Tribute to Girls Who Use Profanity.

Dessa (of Doomtree). Found hip hop from  a different avenue than most female MC’s.

Old school greatness from Bahamadia.

Boog Brown is Bahamadia reincarnated for the modern hip hop era.


Heavens no. Hell yes.

Some more new music videos.

Is this still a joke? Childish Gambino is the pseudonym of actor/writer Donald Glover (of Community, 30 Rock). He started off making fun of mainstream rappers by making the same/better music. But by the sound of this more than decent beat and the emphatic, albeit comical, lyrics he might be starting to forget that his music is supposed to be a parody. Watch him blow up and turn into the next drake or lil wayne.

A young and talented, up and coming rapper.

Boog Brown = the illest female mc out right now. New video for one of her tracks with Apollo Brown.

Axe on Wax

Damu the Fudgemunk is truely an axe on wax. He’s one of my favorite beat makers alive and I’m hoping to hear more and more from and about him. This is a great clip to watch if you’re not already aware of Damu’s genius. I’ve never seen him play the drums so this video was extra dope. I love Damu’s unique sound and I already knew he must of had an extensive knowledge of the genre but this video gives you a look at his process and his influences.

I just got this album and I’ve listened to it a few times already in the car. I’m liking it.. the beats are on point and the lyrics are dope. I can’t always relate to the topics of the female MC, Boog Brown, but that’s rare. For the most part I think its a dope debut album for Boog and a good lead in for Apollo Brown’s next production project, Gas Mask, with the new group, The Left.

Apollo Brown

I was just checking for a release date for Boog Brown’s debut solo album now called The Brown Study which still doesn’t exist. However, I did come into some important knowledge about Apollo Brown, who signed to Mellow Music along with Boog pretty recently. This is probably what got them working together and I’m very excited for this project as Apollo is a great up and coming producer and Boog is just plain dope. So apparently Apollo has his follow up to his 2009 insturmental LP, Skilled Trade, dropping very soon, May 25th to be exact, and I’m getting anxious just looking at the tracklist. The first thing I noticed when looking at the album, called The Reset, was the features that look amazing. I couldn’t have hand picked the artists better myself. I made it a point to also check up on the debut album by Apollo’s group , The Left. However, I didn’t come across any release date for that album called Gas Mask. What I expect from that endeavor is a project much in the vain of Oddisee’s Diamond District and if I’m right than I can rest assured the project will be nuts. A little while ago I did come across a couple tracks said to be a sample of the album and I was pleased in light of hearing the rapper in the group, Journalist 103, for the first time. Not to say he was bad but as with many rappers I hear for the first time I have to withhold my judgement for while until I get used to his style and try to appreciate it. In the mean time take a look at the tracklist for The Reset below and check out the great artist features.

1. Our Time (Intro)
2. Hungry feat. Rapper Big Pooh (of Little Brother), Black Milk
3. Lower The Boom feat. Kenn Starr, Oddisee, Sareem Poems (aka Sharlok Poems of L.A. Symphony)
4. Beauty Of A Day feat. The Regiment
5. Real Detroit feat. The Left
6. Seasons feat. Stik Figa
7. Brag Language feat. Buff1 (of Athletic Mic League), Magestik Legend
8. Streets Won’t Let Me Chill feat. Diamond District (X.O. + yU + Oddisee)
9. Balance feat. John Robinson (aka Lil’ Sci of Scienz Of Life), Kenn Starr
10. Turn & Run feat. Medaphoar (aka MED), Rapper Big Pooh (of Little Brother)
11. Odds Ain’t Fair feat. Hassaan Mackey
12. Brainwash feat. yU (of Diamond District), Grap Luva (of INI), Finale
13. Just Think feat. Magestik Legend
14. Propa feat. Oddisee, Tranquil
15. Get Up feat. Declaime (aka Dudley Perkins), Prince Po (of Organized Konfusion), Finale

Here’s a track from Apollo’s last album to hold you over.

Boog Brown

First off this blog is mostly going to reflect my personal taste in music and I’ll mostly post things I find and things I’ve been rotating on my ipod. This is a video of Boog Brown. Probably one of the most anticipated MC’s out right now, she is quickly gaining popularity for being plain DOPE. She’s just came out with a mixtape featuring production from Apollo Brown and she has a full collaboration LP with Apollo coming out this year called UPS.

Download Her Mixtape: Grind Season Vol. 1