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A man can be destroyed but not defeated. -Ernest Hemingway

I have a decent amount of new music to share for the first time in a few weeks.

Just found out about his group, Actual Proof and I have to say I’m impressed. This duo just signed to 9th Wonder’s record label so I expect this track to be an example of the kind of music is to come. This track is produced by frequent 9th Wonder collaborator, Khrysis.

OneBeLo was the first MC that I truly became I fan of. He’s still one of my favorite rappers of all time and I’ve been anxious to hear his long overdue next album. This is his newest track.

He can rap. Forget the “rappers” he hangs out with, the rappers he equated to, and the genre he’s placed in. In that group of talentless newcomers, Kendrick Lamar stands out because of his potential and lyrical ability.

Here’s my attempt at revisiting an artist I said I would get back to you guys about. More great chill music from ShinSight Trio.

Behind the scenes of Nas & Common’s “Ghetto Dreams”.

A psychedelic track from the Whitefield Brothers’ newest album released on Now Again Records.


#9: Conscious Hip Hop

By now its obvious that Conscious hip hop is my favorite sub genre of rap. I like artists that appreciate knowledge and those that concentrate on saying something important. If people are taking the time to listen to you I feel like you should try to talk about more than girls taking off their clothes, getting money, getting famous, cars, jewelry, mansions, parties, clubs, drinking, and everything else ‘uhhh na na na na.’

So this post is basically just a sample track from some of my favorite conscious rappers. Each one of these rappers use some of my favorite rhyme schemes and styles from the golden era.. Multi-syllable rhymes and verses that mean something. I just want to hear something I have to think about instead of silly punch lines from immature pop sensations..

Here’s something I was debating with some of my friends about the other day. Is conscious the same as third-eye hip hop? Are they the same genre? I thought about it for a while and now I feel confident that they are independent subgenres because a third-eye rapper can be someone who isn’t necessarily a conscious rapper but who stresses the importance of knowledge and philosophy. Conscious hip hop is about being aware of the status quo and questioning it, third-eye hip hop is more about the topics like, philosophy, wisdom, enlightenment and spirituality.. its more abstract and experimental and it focuses on thinking on a higher level.

You can’t mention conscious hip hop without talking about the Canadian-born phenomenon, Shad K. I admittedly only found out about his greatness recently… maybe last year or so. He quickly became one of my favorite rappers of all time, however, because of his obvious and undeniable talent. His most recent album, TSOL, is amazing as I expected and it seems that Shad is beginning to get the recognition he deserves as he was just signed to American record label, Decon. He joins artists like Haiku D’etat, RjD2, Black Milk, and Jurassic 5 on a

Black Thought is another artist that needs to be mentioned in every conversation about conscious hip hop. The Roots are truly one of the best hip hop groups ever and Black Thought has a lot to do with making that happen. I stopped waiting for him to run out of rhymes because I don’t think its possible. He spits ridiculous lines on every track he’s on and his style has been copied but never duplicated. He relies on his talent more than his image which is more than I can say for more than half of the rappers out there. There’s just no arguing about who’s more talented when Black Thought is in the equation.


Common Sense

Like Kanye West, Common is feeling that he needs to win back his fans that defected after his last album, Universal Mind Control. The difference is that Kanye took his last effort in an auto-tune heavy emo hop direction while Common’s album was more electronic sounding than his past works. However, both artists are making an effort to mend their relationship with their old supporters by returning to a raw hip hop sound and a more traditional approach. While I’m sure I’ll have to sit through a few ill advised features (I’m sure drake will be on Kanye’s album at least) I have a feeling I’m going to like both of their albums. I think the mere fact that they are aware that they need to change directions is evidence that they will take care in making sure the quality of their “return” albums is outstanding. I am less concerned about Common than I am about Kanye because Common has proven with his long career that he is one of the most intelligent and insightful rappers to ever do it. Common’s next album, The Believer has a tentative release date of December but I have a feeling it won’t be that long till we hear some material. For now enjoy a track from one of my favorite Common albums (and maybe his most lyrically consistent album), One Day It’ll All Make Sense.