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Tribute to Girls Who Use Profanity.

Dessa (of Doomtree). Found hip hop from  a different avenue than most female MC’s.

Old school greatness from Bahamadia.

Boog Brown is Bahamadia reincarnated for the modern hip hop era.


New Dessa Video

Here’s some new visuals from the track, “Alibi” off of  Dessa’s recent album, Badly Broken Code. I’m a new fan of Dessa and Doomtree but anyone who has heard P.O.S. knows where these guys are coming from. Dessa is a spoken word artist first and a rapper after not to minimize her ability on a mic but that influence is clear in her music. Rhymesayers invested in the future when they signed P.O.S., Dessa, and Grieves. I was surprised at least but I thought it was genius. They all share the same sound, probably because of the region. That alternative hip hop that Atmosphere and Brother Ali are prime examples of.