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What I’m watching (Part 2).


Exit Through the Gift Shop

Great graffiti art documentary. Poignent and entertaining.


Freida Pinto. enough said.

Miller’s Crossing

Incredible mob film by the Coen brothers.



To get us back on track with the weekly posts here are a few graffiti videos to make up for lost posts.


I haven’t done of these posts for a while and I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to  go back to some of my original post series. Anyway here’s a video from the Wallstreet Graffiti Meeting.



I hope you all enjoy my graffiti posts because I do a lot of searching for good ones. The graf and the music has to be right.


Another Seventh Day Project graffiti artist, Ruets. Pretty dope style. Enjoy.

Graffiti Art

Here is a video of probably my favorite graffiti artist, Retna throwing up a huge mural. I love his style.

Feminine Art

This is a post for all the female readers and is dedicated to all the females in hip hop and art. I thought it was time to make an informative post about females in my favorite genre. I’m always looking for female MC’s and hip hop singers because I can’t help but feel they are underrepresented in hip hop. You’re probably familiar with Jean Grae and Stacy Epps from Talib Kweli tracks but even though they are very talented there is still not enough women rapping and expressing their perspective through hip hop. To get things started here’s a graffiti post featuring Kim-Lan in France.

So if you’re like me you love Boog Brown and Bahamadia and you’re waiting for more talented females to bless the mic the way they do. However, I hear a lot of mediocre female rappers and even more horrible ones just like with male MC’s. I don’t think I judge females harsher but I do pay more attention to them when I hear about a new female MC and that could lead to me being disappointed but I have high hopes after finding Boog Brown. Next, here’s one of my favorite Jean Grae songs off my favorite album of hers, Attack of the Attacking Things from 2002.

And here is the artist that you are probably less familiar with but might know of her from her collaborations with Declaime (aka Dudley Perkins). She’s the daughter of late jazz guitarist Ronald Muldrow and like other emerging artists that have family history in classic jazz and soul, Georgia Anne Muldrow found herself signed to Stones Throw Records with artists like Madlib and Aloe Blacc. I recently got a copy of her new album, King’s Ballad, which features very silky/jazzy vocals and that makes it  a very chill listen. However, I’m more interested in her next project with Visionaries member, LMNO. It will be his second of ten albums he intends to release this year titled, fOnk garden dropping March 16. I love when Stones Throw is involved in projects by my favorite rappers because I know with that kind of proximity to Madlib nothing can go wrong. I’m glad to see that these artists are still doing good things for California hip hop. And finally, since there hasn’t been any tracks leaked off of fOnk garden yet, I’ll leave you with this track from Muldrow’s project with Declaime featuring LMNO to get a taste of what the chemistry is like for these artists. Enjoy.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime – fOnk w/ an O (featuring LMNO)

links posted at request.


Pretty huge wall with many artists. As the title says its from Sevilla.

Hip Hop is Art

Another graffiti video this one from Evol of The Seventh Letter. This is from a series called The Seventh Day Project. I’ll probably post more from this project maybe from Pose or Saber.