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My love is my soul’s imagination… How do I love you? Imagine. — Saul Williams

Up and coming Compton MC, Kendrick Lamar has been blowing up the last few weeks. I’m just glad to see a California MC with decent talent get some attention. I’ll have to keep an ear to his music though.. he might be a little to hard for my tastes. A lot of potential here, though.

Rhymesayers MC, Grieves released a new album recently entitled, Together Apart. I don’t know how Rhymesayers found a guy that fits so perfectly with the artists they already have but maybe that’s just the Minnesotta sound.

This beautiful track is from French Italian producer, Leon’s new LP, The Unseen Side of the Moon. I love producers that use vocal samples as part of the beat.. makes me feel like the beat is singing.

A chill beat from producer, Screw’s new EP, Come Through.


Don’t think you’re cool or anything, but…

tu me manques.

These posts will probably be one of my last ones and I’ll probably delete this site in the near future. I’ve been called out as to this blog being a little too passive aggressive. I might agree… its a little too subtly personal and I think a different format for sharing music, movies, and everything else with people would be more beneficial for everyone. My last post will have a link to the new site and more information. For now enjoy the content while its up.

New video from California producer/dj, Exile. You should Exile from his collaboration album with Blu, Below the Heavens.

It seems like there’s always a new Blu interview floating around but this the most recent one I’ve come across. The California rapper talks about everything from working with the Roots to almost signing to Death Row. Very interesting interview.

New video from the new-ish member of Rhymesayers, Greives. If you’re an Atmosphere or POS, you’ll like this artist for sure.