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We lose weeks like buttons, like pencils. -Dave Eggers

Zion I producer, AMP LIVE, just released his new EP, You Are Not Human. This is the first official video from the project.

To start off with a bang. New music from the group, Toro Y Moi.

Producer, Kan Kick has a new beat tape out called, Rummage to Royalty. No other musical genre has anything on the wordplay of hip hop artists.

Producer, Exile has 2 mixtapes out. This track is off of Intro to the Outro which is a remix tape featuring artists like, Talib Kweli, Guilty Simpson, Fashawn, Blu, MED and Pharoahe Monch. This is easy-listening to me…

Hassaan Mackey and producer, Apollo Brown just released a new collaboration album called, Daily Bread.



More dope music I found while stumbling around on some of the blogs I follow. I’m behind because I was studying for the GRE but now I have a big chunk of music to share so not all bad.

Just came across this artist too. AF the Naysayer is his name and the track is produced by Luke St. John. Very intelligent, smooth raps right here. The beat is nice also.

Clan Destined is a new group with a lot of ability. This track is produced by LA based producer, P.U.D.G.E.

This track is off of Paul White’s upcoming album, Rapping with Paul White. Right when I was going to forget about this guy he makes a smart move like this. The above track features Guilty Simpson. If you like make sure to look out for the album.

Black Milk interview for upcoming “Album of the Year”

In this video Black Milk discusses the three albums he’s releasing in 2010 including his solo album, Album of the Year. I’m really excited to hear some new Black Milk especially because he’s such a new and young artist that every project will likely show his musical progression. And people that are familiar with Black Milk know he’s one of the best producers alive and he’s just getting started. I’m also really looking forward to Random Axe, Black Milk’s collaboration album with Guilty Simpson and Sean Price. Though the album still doesn’t have a release date I can’t imagine it being too far off as Black Milk’s solo project is expected to drop this summer. My favorite part of the video is the drummer starting at 3:20, Enjoy.