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Little Known Beatmakers

Jneiro Jarel works with MF DOOM often and I”ve heard they are even planning on working on an album together. This would be great news if I thought this project would ever see the light of day. For now just enjoy his unique instrumental tapes.

Newish producer with a lot of talent and a few beat tapes already circulating.

Clutchy Hopkins is famous for keeping his true identity a secret. That is, unless he’s an old caucasian homeless man.

Frequent collaborator of Qwel, Maker is starting to show he can be a stand alone producer.



I know its not midweek but fuck it.

One of my favorite producers, Jneiro Jarel’s new electronic album. Pretty dope so far will report later.

Artist Spotlight: Jneiro Jarel

And just like that back to my old self.. I don’t think this producer has risen to fame as of yet for a lot of people still don’t know him. Jneiro Jarel aka Dr. Who Dat? aka Panama Black is a producer from Philadelphia and has worked with a great number of artists including MF DOOM, John Robinson and Stacy Epps. I first got into this artist from listening to his fictional group, Shape of Broad Minds and their album, Craft of the Lost Art. The album is one of my favorites and is still on rotation on my ipod. Jneiro has a slightly abstract style which he supplements with a lot of brazilian and jazz samples. He definitely has his own sound and from listening to his music across projects I have come to appreciate his well-developed style. He plans to release a brazilian inspired album this year and I am still waiting on another Shape of Broad Minds project. For now enjoy this stand out track from the group’s debut album.