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RECAP: Catching up on recent releases.

One of my top 5 favorite MC’s of all time. One Be Lo released his new album L.A.B.O.R. (Language Arts Based On Reality) along with 2 mixtapes of old and unreleased material. All that music should hold you over till the next Binary Starr album.

A snippet of the upcoming second album from Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) was released. Sounds amazing.. can’t wait to hear a full song.

Madlib included a bonus disk when he released his album, Medicine Show No. 11. He calls the bonus disk, Madlib Around the World. This track is called Philadelphia.

Strange Fruit Project released a new album called Dreamer’s Journey. Not bad but I think I might miss their old material.

Finally, Phonte is rapping again (hopefully he will give up singing soon) and he and 9th Wonder are friends again.. So all is right with the underground again.


There comes a point where you have to start giving a fuck.

New video from Planet Asia produced by Madlib. I usually grab anything touched by Madlib so you shouldn’t be surprised to see more of him on here. This is a great california collab with a great beat and solid verses. Pretty simple video but I like this track because its so chill.

I first came across Ayatollah when he released an instrumental LP with like 30 tracks on it. The album was a collection of great beats that he created using an MPC. I’m a fan of artists that utilize drum machines especially classic ones like these. I feel like the samples come across in a different way with drum machines for some reason. Maybe its because all the samples are put in manually, giving the tracks a different sway.

West Coast

Here’s a quick West Coast hip hop update. DC producer, Oddisee recently released a mixtape of West Coast inspired beats as a prelude to his forthcoming collaboration album with California rapper, Trek Life. The album provides some pretty stereotypically California sounding beats but that doesn’t make it uninteresting. For a short mixtape, it delivers what it should.. an easy listen for everyone especially those waiting for a uniquely California movement in sound to take place. This isn’t the album to make that movement happen but I don’t expect something like that from a producer not from here. Despite that, I’m sure many of you will find this mixtape enjoyable. The new project is their followup to New Money, a favorite among Oddisee fans. You can download the mixtape here Oddisee.bandcamp. Be sure to check out the album, Everything Changed Nothing out now on iTunes.

Below is one of the different forms of artwork for Madlib’s recent edition of his monthly Medicine Show series. High Jazz is yet another jazz album from the California mega-producer. I’m always ready for new Madlib music but I’m getting anxious waiting for the new Madvillian but we’re just going to have to wait. Every snippet I’ve heard has sounded pretty dope so I’m excited. Its slated for this year so we won’t have to wait very much longer. In the mean time, enjoy the copious amount of material Madlib is providing this year. He continues to make even the most prolific artist look lazy. Above is a track from the new album.. listen and enjoy.

Albums of the Future – Jay Electronica

Allow me to blow your mind on this joyous holiday. One of the most mysterious figures in hip hop, Jay Electronica is officially beginning his hip hop career soon it looks like. I say this tongue in cheek because though he’s only released like 2 official songs, he’s already attracted a cult following who are eagerly awaiting his debut album. I’m one of those people so I often check for word on any new material from Jay and I recently came across some interesting developments involving a few of my favorite artists. I found an Flying Lotus interview from last month where he leaks some information about his coming projects planned for 2010. One of these projects he said was a collaboration with Jay Electronica and Madlib. At first I thought he might have meant that it was two projects one with each artist but thats not what was said. If this is true I will lose my mind. Madlib and Flying Lotus are my number 1 and number 2 favorite producers right now and Jay is someone I’ve been waiting for for a long time. An insightful and open minded artist who I can relate to. I can’t imagine Jay Electronica rushing his first project so we probably won’t hear anything for a little while longer but a promise of a 2010 release has got me on edge already. Both Madlib and FlyLo are producers that really focus on making cohesive projects and I hope that they keep with that for this collaboration.  Hopefully we get more information about this soon, for now enjoy some Jay Elec produced by Madlib.

Whenever I’m watching these youtube videos there’s always one comment that stands out and sums up my feeling about the song.

aureliusdark: “This dude has legend potential.”

What You’ll Need for 4/20

1. Nas & Damian Marley – Distant Relatives

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I’m hoping that they took their time with each track because they’ve had a while to put the record together. From hearing the single, “As We Enter” and another song featuring Dennis Brown called “The Promised Land” I think I know what to expect and its pretty much what I was expecting when I first heard about this collaboration and if the rest of the project follows that model I won’t be disappointed.

2. Little Brother – Leftback

I got this a little while back and I think I’ve given it enough spins to say if I liked it or not. I enjoyed it as much as I did Getback and the other 9th Wonder-less albums. I suppose there were a few songs that were just a little too jiggy for me but I realize they tried to please everyone’s tastes by including a variety of different tracks that take different directions. The beats could have been better to be honest but after hearing LB on 9th beats, I’m always going to compare to that and maybe thats unfair. In any event, besides being the last LB album it is a pretty good listen so its worth getting.

3. Madlib – 420 Chalice All Stars

Really excited for this after hearing Madlib’s other reggae mix, Blunted in the Bomb Shelter. Madlib is one of my favorite producers so I stay tuned to all his releases which will be very many in 2010. This is the 4th issue of the Medicine Show series following his Beat Konducta in Africa album. The next one after this is a hip hop album of unreleased material from Madlib’s early 90’s work. Look out for a post about that in the future.

4. Andre Nickatina – Khan! The Me Generation

I haven’t been a huge Andre fan but he is beloved up North and there are a few songs that I really enjoy. Also, I needed to add an album that was relevant to the holiday. So if the Bone Thugs album was dropping on the 20th I would have posted that but since it doesn’t wait till some songs get around the net from this album and check it out.

**And a lot of ganja of course.

Madlib – Medicine Show No. 3

Madlib, keeping up with his plans to make 2010 his most prolific, is releasing a monthly series called the Medicine Show and the most recent issues takes the Beat Konducta into the rich musical history of Africa. The 43 track album is unlikely to disappoint any Madlib fans and showcases many traditional instruments found in the region along with interjecting samples from all around. Like with most Madlib projects I would buy the album just for the cover hah; the vinyl comes in multiple limited-edition colors including black/red and gold/black. Despite this project eclipsing LMNO’s plans to release 10 albums this year, Madlib isn’t stopping there and will continue his plans to release his collaboration albums and other projects outside of the Medicine Show. For instance, I expect his project with Guilty Simpson, OJ Simpson to be released pretty soon and the second Madvillian album is coming I’m sure. After getting Beat Konducta in Africa and loving it of course, I started looking around for what the next installment of the Medicine Show was going to be. I haven’t found that much information yet but I did read that Medicine Show No. 4 is going to be called 420 Chalice All Stars – All Jamaican Sounds and will be released of course on 4/20. There are so many dope albums being released that day and I’m not complaining. After Blunted in the Bomb Shelter, I trust Madlib’s taste in reggae completely and I know the album will be nuts and perfect for the occasion. Here’s a track from the just released Medicine Show No. 3 – Beat Konducta in Africa. Go get that shit!