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MoodPress: Discouraged

3582 is the alias of hip hop duo, J. Rawls and Fat Jon. Fat Jon is a great producer and J. Rawls is making a lot of noise right now working with artists like Dudley Perkins and John Robinson. This track is off one of their older albums. Definitely worth checking out.


There’s beauty out there, find it.

MoodPress: Deep Puddle Dynamics

Deep Puddle Dynamics is a group consisting of Slug (of Atmosphere), Doseone (of Themselves), Sole, and producer, Alias. Pardon the pessimist ass track I just caught myself looking focusing on the negative instead of the positive. Its still dope though.. “Heavy Ceiling” off of the album, The Taste of Rain… Why Kneel?. The name of the album comes from a haiku by Jack Kerouac.


AFTA-1 is a producer I’ve been following a while, to me he sounds like he comes from a different background than hip hop producers but I can still hear the dilla influence that has been in every producers music since his passing. I’m waiting on AFTA-1’s next project because his collaborations and mixes haven’t really held me over since the release of AFTATHOUGHTS Vol. 1. Take a listen and share my impatience waiting for his next album.


Here’s a track from my second favorite artist without an album, the first being Jay Elec of course. Anyway, I came across Jamar Equality on youtube a while ago and was surprised to read he was from Texas and a member of the group The Vultures. I guess it just goes to show that art emerges out of the most restricting places. Like Jay Elec coming out of the south to show people that they aren’t all ignorant swagger-rap lovers. Jamar delivers some great lyrical talent over a track produced by Time Travel. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


Can’t tell you too much about this artist yet, I’m still looking into it but I’m very impressed by the lyrics, vocals, and beat so I will definitely be researching and getting back to you. For now enjoy, the track is called “HOUSTOATLANTAVEGAS.” Let me know what you all think..


“Like remind my soul!..”