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RECAP: Catching up on recent releases.

One of my top 5 favorite MC’s of all time. One Be Lo released his new album L.A.B.O.R. (Language Arts Based On Reality) along with 2 mixtapes of old and unreleased material. All that music should hold you over till the next Binary Starr album.

A snippet of the upcoming second album from Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) was released. Sounds amazing.. can’t wait to hear a full song.

Madlib included a bonus disk when he released his album, Medicine Show No. 11. He calls the bonus disk, Madlib Around the World. This track is called Philadelphia.

Strange Fruit Project released a new album called Dreamer’s Journey. Not bad but I think I might miss their old material.

Finally, Phonte is rapping again (hopefully he will give up singing soon) and he and 9th Wonder are friends again.. So all is right with the underground again.


It’s New to Me

Here are a few tracks from albums I just got this week. Most of them are from 2008/2009 so I’m not being too hard on myself about not knowing these artists. You can’t keep track of everyone.. hip hop is a big genre. To be completely honest I wasn’t even able to put a sample of all the albums I got this week there was just too much new shit and I didn’t have time to listen to it all. Most likely the stuff I couldn’t get to this week will end up on next week’s posts if I don’t have enough music to share by then.

I’ve never heard of this producer before but the Phonte feature caught my eye and the production kept me looking for the album. It makes complete sense to me now that Phonte, a huge fan or r&b and soul, would team up with this Dutch soul/hip hop production/instrumental group, Liquid Spirits. Phonte is known for reaching out to hip hop artists from Europe having done two albums with Dutch producer Nicolay under their group, Foreign Exchange. I’m a fan of Phonte but only his rapping, I can’t relate to his new direction of singing.. to me its a waste of good rapping ability. We’re already on short supply of ¬†dope rappers and this fool is going to start singing like there’s a surplus.. but whatever. I’m just glad he rapped on the track above and did the beat justice.

From what I understand Restoring Poetry in Music is a side project by Panacea’s Raw Poetic and K-Murdock. I think I remember reading that this project is pretty much Panacea and a live band. You can definitely hear the Panacea style in the rhymes but to me the album is pretty distinct from other Panacea works in that its a little slower without giving up any lyrical content or bounce in the beat.

To be honest I didn’t know who this artists was when I became interested in his music and the only reason he caught my eye was this Corrine Bailey Rae feature. I’ve been a fan of Corrine for a couple years now and I’ve always wanted to hear here on a hip hop track. I’m not sure how this year old track got past me but in any event its as I expected.. perfect. That voice belongs on loops. The British rappers are alright but the track is definitely worth a listen just to hear Corrine sing over the beat. A collaboration project with a good producer and a decent MC would be amazing but I won’t ask for too much.

In my mind you can’t go wrong with a track from Freddie Joachim and I’ve been waiting a while to hear him team up ¬†with an MC on a collaborative album. This track is pretty nice and I’d be interesting in hearing this style of Freddie’s beats more often. Its more hard hitting then normal and its completely appropriate for a song like this.. nice hook and cuts on the chorus too.

Chill track, nice beat.. I haven’t listened to the whole album yet so I reserve judgement for a while.

FINAL Little Brother Album “LeftBack”

Probably one of the best hip hop groups to ever do it, Little Brother is returning this year with their final album “LeftBack.” If that fact isn’t upsetting enough, there is no sign of former member 9th Wonder on the album. Much in the form of their last album “GetBack,” 9th will not be participating in the final album and instead mainstay producers like Khrysis and Zo! will be providing the beats. The fact that 9th won’t be on the album doesn’t surprise me or upset me too much. I’m a huge fan of LB and while I’m upset that its their final project I’m sure Phonte and Big Pooh will not let their fans be disappointed. The album is due 4/20 and will be accompanied by a DVD with new and old footage of the LB throughout the years.

Since the whole purpose of this blog is to inform you of music you’ve never heard I’m providing this track from Little Brother’s Chittlin Circuit. The track comes from the period between their albums, The Listening and The Minstrel Show and was produced by 9th Wonder. I think I like this track because its the original members all together and its classic LB material.