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We lose weeks like buttons, like pencils. -Dave Eggers

Zion I producer, AMP LIVE, just released his new EP, You Are Not Human. This is the first official video from the project.

To start off with a bang. New music from the group, Toro Y Moi.

Producer, Kan Kick has a new beat tape out called, Rummage to Royalty. No other musical genre has anything on the wordplay of hip hop artists.

Producer, Exile has 2 mixtapes out. This track is off of Intro to the Outro which is a remix tape featuring artists like, Talib Kweli, Guilty Simpson, Fashawn, Blu, MED and Pharoahe Monch. This is easy-listening to me…

Hassaan Mackey and producer, Apollo Brown just released a new collaboration album called, Daily Bread.


You don’t swing where you sleep. -Sammy Davis, Jr.

A few of my favorite artists.

Some New Erykah Badu.

A new Talib Kweli video.

Some new Shad K. Brilliant lyricist and my favorite rapper.

My second favorite rapper; my favorite american rapper I guess. Another great lyricist.

Room 409

I’ve seen this guy’s name everywhere for a long time and never had the urge to look into his music. I don’t know why but I downloaded one of his albums last week and I’m pretty hooked on it. Theophilus London is a unique artist I have to say. His music is definitely a crossover, he obviously likes to experiment and doesn’t like to be tied to any genre.. but the songs that crossover to the genres I like (rap, r&b), he’s pretty dope. Monotone rap, sample beat, it was obviously a major oversight not looking into this guy but I doubt I’m alone. Anyway, here’s me doing my part to spread his amazing music.

New-ish video for Talib Kweli’s track, “I’m on One,” that will probably be on his upcoming album, Gutter Rainbows. Hopefully his solo album will live up to the expectations of his fans and turn out better than Reflection Eternal’s disappointing Revolutions Per Minute.

Hip Hop ain’t dead, your radio’s just on.

I’m a new fan to Marco Polo; I think the first thing I heard and liked was a track he did with Masta Ace. He’s a pretty talented producer with a golden era hip hop sound and he obviously knows which artists to work with. Talib Kweli is still a very important underground artist┬ádespite┬áthe disappointing second Reflection Eternal album.

New track from new Rocnation signee, Jay Electronica. I won’t rant about how much I object to that decision because would lead to a paragraph about ‘what could happen’ and I’ll wait till his debut album comes out to decide whether or not he sold out. In any event, this track is dope as per usual with Jay. Let’s just hope he stays true. This track is a dedication to the late Gangstarr rapper, Guru, over a Dj Premier beat. RIP.

Not so new track from Nas. Lost Tapes Vol. II is supposedly on its way and set for release this month. I’m eager to hear some post-Damien Marley collab. Nas material. My hope is that project inspired him to make real and conscious music. Picking better beats wouldn’t hurt either, Nas is notorious for poor beat selection. All that lyrical ability deserves the support of some dope beats. Ideally a new album with some talented underground producers would be in the works. Or maybe I’m just dreaming about Pharoahe Monch’s much awaited album, We Are Renegades. Anyway, let this track hold you over till lost tapes drops.