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Tribute to Girls Who Use Profanity.

Dessa (of Doomtree). Found hip hop from  a different avenue than most female MC’s.

Old school greatness from Bahamadia.

Boog Brown is Bahamadia reincarnated for the modern hip hop era.


Tribute to Girls with Tattoos.

What kind of fuckery is this? I heard this song is about Nas. A great song, a formerly great artist.

New music from the beat legend, Ras G.

One of my favorite songs by Atmosphere. Slug really brought his lyrical talent to this one.

Tribute to girls with the right walk.

Tribute to attractive women and the men afraid to talk to them.

Hello? Opportunity? Try the neighbors, ain’t nobody home here.

I saw this guy’s album on the Stones Throw website and the album cover caught my attention so I went ahead and downloaded it. This is a live performance of the song, “I’m gonna leave you” by Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears. Pretty good live performance I have to say. The album is pretty solid too.

This is off of a new album called Affiliyated by the band, Gayngs. I like how they use hip hop elements in a lot of their songs but its still different from what I hear most of the time.

My favorite track from an older album by the legendary, Sergio Mendes that featured a number of my favorite American artists including, Erykah Badu, Q-Tip, and Black Thought.

Tribute to girls with superior intellect

When I said I was excited about sharing this weeks artists, this is one that comes to mind right away. What I can only describe as tropical reggae, this group, Quantica Presenta and their album, Flowering Inferno is on rotation in my car almost daily.

Can’t forget a reggae track for this week. Horace Andy makes some of my favorite reggae songs. He’s very consistent and his music makes me feel much happier.

Lou Bond is a legend and his self-titled album is present in every major record collector’s crates. Someone needs to sample this guy if it hasn’t already happened, which I’m starting to think it must have. There’s no way this guy has gone under the radar, producers and dj’s are serious about vinyl so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are beats out their with Lou Bond samples.

Tribute to busy girls

A bunch of videos dedicated to girls on the go. Not clubrats, not promiscuous girls.. just girls getting it done. The ones that don’t look back, or to the side for that matter.

Great video from Canadian hip hop legend, K-OS. He and I have the same taste I guess. I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman too.

Masterpiece from Atmosphere. Slug delivers a dope tribute of his own to a very unique woman.

Heard this on the radio the other day. The wonders of technology allowed me to figure out what the song was so I could share it.

A California legend in his own right, Murs often takes time to discuss relationships on his albums. This isn’t the average love song but it suits his personality and hip hop in general.

Panacea is one of my favorite new groups right now and this track is pretty appropriate.. such a smooth flow. I just find any chance to post videos from these guys.

#10: Tribute to hot weather and the women who dress accordingly.

J.R. and PH7 released a new project, The EP. Not sure what future album this material is alluding to but hopefully its full-length. I need a long album to listen to before I get a good feel of their music. The track above is from their past album and features Guilty Simpson and Black Milk. If I’m not mistaken, these guys are from Germany. I’m not sure how these guys hooked up with so many American artists so soon in their careers but I’ll try to do some research.

I came across a huge list of reggae artists the other day and there were a lot of names I wasn’t familiar with. So.. I went on a downloading spree and this Jacob Miller track is a result of that. Make sure to look out for a lot more reggae posts now that I have a bigger variety or artists to pull from.

It isn’t often that I post music that isn’t hip hop, reggae, or trip hop but there are occasions when a band’s sound strikes me and I’m intrigued to find out more. With Local Natives that was the case and if you haven’t taken the time to listen to their album, Gorilla Manor, you’re plain fucking up.