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All of our reasoning ends in surrender to feeling. -Blaise Pascal

I finally got a hold of a copy of Madlib’s last edition of The Medicine Show from last year. The legendary producer released an eleven part series last year that featured music from around the world as well as original material from Madlib himself. Madlib is arguable one of the best hip hop producers alive and being the fan that I am, I try to collect all the music he’s released. Madlib makes this really difficult because he is so prolific. So far there is only one of his albums I haven’t been able to find which was released under his old dj name, DJ Rels.

Here’s a new unreleased track from California MC, Blu. I just got this short EP, Amnesia, that includes a couple previously unreleased tracks. Pretty good music on there.. a lot better than his work with Mainframe (Johnson & Johnson) so maybe it shows an end to his work with mediocre artists. I’m happy to say this track keeps my hopes high for his upcoming album, No York.

This track is off of the recently released collaboration album, Yellow Gold, by mc, Nickelus and producer, Ohbliv. I was really impressed by this free LP especially since I wasn’t too familiar with the rapper and didn’t know what to expect. Thankfully his style and vocals fit perfectly on Ohbliv’s raw hip hop beats.

Just to slow it down a little before the next posts.. A great song from Elis Regina and Tom Jobim. I love brazilian jazz and voices like these..


Quelque Chose Nouvelle

Its been too long since I’ve heard some fresh music from Kev Brown so I’m glad he decided to bless his fans with this dope instrumental tape. So far every track I’ve listened to is fire.. shit is melting my studio monitors. Hopefully we’ll get to hear a new collab album or beat LP with a lot of features soon. For now these fresh instrumentals will have to hold us over. Enjoy.

The very talented producer, Shawn Lee and his project, Ping Pong Orchestra, released a new album called, World of Funk. Its a perfect title for this very funky album that features guest artists like Clutchy Hopkins and Elliot Bergman. This is a great track that makes me want to go looking for more latin inspired funk albums. If you enjoy the vibe of this track check out the album and the rest of Shawn Lee’s impressive catalog.

Thank goodness Dibiase is a local artist otherwise I might have never been exposed to his music. The Southern California producer is following in the footsteps of a lot of LA based producers to bring influences from other genres and mend them with hip hop fundamentals to experiment with new sounds. Take a listen and enjoy.

Growin’ Up

I had to post these videos to show how different kids these days are growing up compared to when I was growing up. All That was my favorite show on nickelodeon at the time and this video shows why that was. Nas performing on a kid’s show? Yes. The way it should be. Not these wanna-be actor/actresses on the disney channel that get a show, then another show, then another until they start making music videos until disney decides to market them as miniature pre-pubescent pop stars.. The problem with that is that these kids start hanging out with other ‘celebrities’ and eventually grow out of their kid’s shows until they end up in some scandal that makes disney apologize while they count the millions coming in. Alright, I’m going to stop before this turns into a rant. I’m just happy I grew up in a world where real artists were appreciated and given the opportunity to share their work without it always being about the money.

I found this video too. I don’t really remember this episode with Notorious B.I.G. but I think it ties into this post since I used to watch this show all the time. I’m positive I didn’t understand all the references but I still thought it was hilarious. Alright, I’m going to go look for Tupac on Sister, Sister now.

Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd. -Voltaire

Black Thought’s side-group, Money Makin’ Jam Boys, released their much anticipated mixtape, The Prestige: Jam Boy Magic. Its dope hearing Black Thought spit on some beats that are outside his usual catalog. I love Questlove but I’ve been waiting for Black Thought’s solo album for a long while now. If the rumors are true and its produced by Danger Mouse it will be worth it. Speaking of Dangerous Thoughts, check out what I found a while ago.

Slik D is an up and coming rapper from Long Beach, CA. I’m always looking out for talented rappers from California so I had to check this guy out.

Badu decided to make a single out of one of my favorite songs off of her last album, New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh.

L’adversité rend sage.

Some more music from the Project Mooncircle collective that some of you might know from their association with a great hip hop duo, CYNE. Pretty chill and well put together track; what I’ve come to expect from them.

Reks has a new project coming out soon with some big name producers. This track is probably typical of the material that will be on the album.

Great little video about the legendary label, Stones Throw. Thanks to Stephanie.

Walking, talking, art.

My first encounter with French producer/MC Nicky Lars. This is a teaser for his upcoming debut album, Musica Negra. In the meantime I got a hold of his Jamiroquai beat tape and you should do the same.

I had high hope for Pac Div when they first came up. I think they are a little light on the lyrical talent but still better than everything on the radio. I’m hoping as they get older their music matures too. I still have to check out their upcoming mixtape, Mania!

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously. -Noam Chomsky

A great collaboration album that features a number of talented artists including, P.O.S. (of Rhymesayers) and Qwel of (Galapagos4). The album as a whole is cohesive in that the beats hang together well. I haven’t seen the production credits so I’m not sure who made the beats yet but I’ll get back to you.

Galapagos4’s MC, Prolyphic released a new solo album entitled Time’s Table Scraps. I’ve liked Prolyphic since I first got acquainted with him from his collaboration album with talented producer, Reanimator. His solo album has a great 90’s feel to it and the beats mesh very well with the MC’s unique voice. Take a listen.


fuckin’ ill.

Don’t ask me where this track came from. I would never guess Masta Ace and OneBeLo would be on a track together. A great beat with a RZA feel. Verbal Kent is actually the artist I wanted to showcase with this track but I found this collab on youtube and here you have it. OneBeLo kills it at the end though.

Asher Roth and Nottz released this collaboration EP last year and I’m just getting around to listening to it. I’m not a huge fan of either MC but so far I’m liking the album. Its nice to hear Roth spit with a different style and the beats aren’t bad either.

I’m not a huge fan of Sene or his work with Blu but its hard to mess up a beat like this..

I instantly regret saying that.

Beautiful track. The legendary Flying Lotus offers more cerebral sounds for his fans. This is off a collection of tracks that didn’t make it on Cosmogramma. He had to cut something I suppose.. but if this is an outtake, you the know you’re doing something right.

Just got this record from The Tones. Probably the best soulful hip hop I’ve heard in a bit. I can see these guys developing an audience pretty quickly. Check out their album, Dreamtalk.