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I’m not God – but I am something similar. ~Roberto Duran

One of my favorite artists. This is Mos Def performing a new song for an upcoming project.

This is amazing. I didn’t know the artist till I saw this but I’m in the process of doing some research. Lauryn Hill was the shit till she disappeared. This is a cover of Hill’s classic song, “Everything is Everything.”

I’m liking Pharoahe Monch’s new album, We Are Renegades so far. I’m trying to decide if he over hyped it when he said it was his most lyrical album to date. (Note: It most definitely is. Probably the most lyrical album to be released this year.) There are some high points where his wordplay gets pretty ridiculous and the beats are pretty impressive as well.


Tribute to attractive women and the men afraid to talk to them.

Hello? Opportunity? Try the neighbors, ain’t nobody home here.

I saw this guy’s album on the Stones Throw website and the album cover caught my attention so I went ahead and downloaded it. This is a live performance of the song, “I’m gonna leave you” by Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears. Pretty good live performance I have to say. The album is pretty solid too.

This is off of a new album called Affiliyated by the band, Gayngs. I like how they use hip hop elements in a lot of their songs but its still different from what I hear most of the time.

My favorite track from an older album by the legendary, Sergio Mendes that featured a number of my favorite American artists including, Erykah Badu, Q-Tip, and Black Thought.

What I’m watching (Part 1).


The Sopranos

“Cunnilingus and psychiatry brought us to this”

I know I’m late as all hell on this but I just started watching the Sopranos. I’m about a season in and I can already say its one of the best shows I’ve ever watched.

Mad Men

“Kids today, they have no one to look up to… ’cause they’re looking up to us. “

Mad Men is a close second maybe because its just a little slower than the Sopranos. Great characters though and the clothes, sets, and plots are all excellent too. This is a great scene from season one.. I love the bossa nova in the background; very appropriate.

Breaking Bad

“I get it now, that’s why your doing all this, you want to make some cash for your people before you check out.”

My brother recommended we start watching this show. I was a little hesitant but its not bad at all. I take a little exception to the fact that the show propels the plot a lot faster than it develops the characters but maybe its because it was on network tv.

Don’t think you’re cool or anything, but…

tu me manques.

These posts will probably be one of my last ones and I’ll probably delete this site in the near future. I’ve been called out as to this blog being a little too passive aggressive. I might agree… its a little too subtly personal and I think a different format for sharing music, movies, and everything else with people would be more beneficial for everyone. My last post will have a link to the new site and more information. For now enjoy the content while its up.

New video from California producer/dj, Exile. You should Exile from his collaboration album with Blu, Below the Heavens.

It seems like there’s always a new Blu interview floating around but this the most recent one I’ve come across. The California rapper talks about everything from working with the Roots to almost signing to Death Row. Very interesting interview.

New video from the new-ish member of Rhymesayers, Greives. If you’re an Atmosphere or POS, you’ll like this artist for sure.

There comes a point where you have to start giving a fuck.

New video from Planet Asia produced by Madlib. I usually grab anything touched by Madlib so you shouldn’t be surprised to see more of him on here. This is a great california collab with a great beat and solid verses. Pretty simple video but I like this track because its so chill.

I first came across Ayatollah when he released an instrumental LP with like 30 tracks on it. The album was a collection of great beats that he created using an MPC. I’m a fan of artists that utilize drum machines especially classic ones like these. I feel like the samples come across in a different way with drum machines for some reason. Maybe its because all the samples are put in manually, giving the tracks a different sway.

The hand that stocks the drug stores rules the world. -Kurt Vonnegut

Raekwon is releasing his new album, Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang on the down low it seems. A Wu-Tang album isn’t something that usually goes unnoticed but I have to admit I wasn’t expecting this release. In any event, everything Wu-Tang touches turns to gold so I’m excited about this. With the release date coming up soon, it wasn’t too hard to find a copy floating around. I’ll get back to y’all after I’ve listened to it in its entirety. For now enjoy this new video from the album.

A great track off of Oddisee’s new album, A Year In. I wasn’t expecting to see this collaboration with TOKiMONSTA but its a pleasant surprise. Her beats and his lyrics aren’t things you think would fit together since he has a southern rap style and she is the definition of the electroinic/hiphop crossover but it works, very well.

Here’s a track off of the album, Saneyes/Gainsbourg. Saneyes is a French beatmaker that I hadn’t heard of till recently. I don’t know if it was the fact that he’s french or the interesting album cover that intrigued me but nevertheless I was glad to find this record since I am a fan of european producers and hip hop artists in general. Great little track off this unique tape. Listen and Enjoy.

I just started watching this show. Its a hilarious sketch show.. you should check it out. Also.. why does aubrey plaza look so fine in this clip? Comedienne! there’s a profession that might make women seem more attractive.


Some chill tracks to blaze too..

I love the blogs I follow. I come across things I would never find otherwise.. These are the hippies that got drafted instead of bailing to Canada I’m assuming. I’m not surprised soldiers invented ‘shotgunning’ smoke.

Barrington Levy has one of the most original voices and styles in reggae music. I prefer his early stuff but even his later material is great. Enjoy.

Just came  across this band, Heavy Hawaii. The name of the band fits perfectly with their music. The hawaiian influenced melody, heavy bass, and filtered vocals make this track a good introduction to their music.

A friend of mine put me up on this band, The Growlers. Very chill music with a psychadelic/surf vibe to it. These guys have a lot of releases to I’m getting a hold of their catalog right now. Everything I’ve heard from them I’ve enjoyed very much so check these guys out.

Je déteste quand je te rêve.

I love Thom Yorke so this video is amazing to me. Seeing his dance like this means I can die happy. He’s got some moves for a white englishman. You might have already seen this video floating around. It’s on a lot of the blogs I follow and thank goodness for that because I had no idea a Radiohead album was even in the works. I was still waiting for that rumored Thom Yorke/Stones Throw project. Anyway, I just got Radiohead’s new release but haven’t listened to the entire album yet so I’ll leave you to enjoy this great track and video until I can comment further. Enjoy.

I wasn’t a fan of john legend at first, maybe because of all the hype, but after listening to his album, Once Again, I had to admit recognizing his obvious talent. Not your average singer/songwriter but his music is still very relatable. Sounds as good live as he does on wax.

Quantic is a musician/producer based in columbia that I first heard of when I got his latin influenced reggae album, Dog with a Rope. Recently I found some more of his work with these Funk compilations called, The World’s Rarest Funk 45’s. Being from California I’m familiar with funk music whether I recognize it or not seeing as it inspired Dr. Dre’s style early on in his career as a producer. I’m learning to appreciate more and more forms of music and funk is one that is coming along a little easier than others. I’m sure I’ll have more Quantic material to post in the future so check him out.

I don’t think this is going anywhere…

Why you shouldn’t debate a creationist..

Why you shouldn’t debate evolutionists..

Why we’re all wrong. This is brilliant by the way..