Third Eye Dialated


We lose weeks like buttons, like pencils. -Dave Eggers

Zion I producer, AMP LIVE, just released his new EP, You Are Not Human. This is the first official video from the project.

To start off with a bang. New music from the group, Toro Y Moi.

Producer, Kan Kick has a new beat tape out called, Rummage to Royalty. No other musical genre has anything on the wordplay of hip hop artists.

Producer, Exile has 2 mixtapes out. This track is off of Intro to the Outro which is a remix tape featuring artists like, Talib Kweli, Guilty Simpson, Fashawn, Blu, MED and Pharoahe Monch. This is easy-listening to me…

Hassaan Mackey and producer, Apollo Brown just released a new collaboration album called, Daily Bread.


The Current Most Over-Rated Acts

I won’t sully my own blog with posting the actual music on here but if you want to know what not to listen to click the links.

1. Jay-Z (will always be number one at this at least. I’m sorry if I don’t get the appeal of rappers being businessmen also. That seems counterproductive to the artistic process; as explained by Kendrick Lamar this interview/freestyle. He seems to perpetually be at the same stage as Kevin Smith is currently; so distant and disconnected from your audience that you are forced to find a new one. Unfortunately, Jay-Z went pop along with Kanye and everyone else on the radio it seems like and gained the largest and most undiscerning audience of them all.)

2. lil Wayne (I don’t think I’ll ever be rid of this guy but he does let me know what “artists” not to listen to by having them featured on his songs. Artists that stay away from him are usually the ones I listen to.

3. Drake (I completely understand why the masses love this fool.. he IS pop music.. he sings and raps about girls, money, and how cool he is. But I was a little shocked when K-OS said he approved of drake. Almost as much as when Talib said he can appreciate lil wayne. I don’t think real artists should sign off on these people. Be more responsible, some people take you seriously.)

4. Odd Future (I’m glad you’re independent but I would be happier if you made good music. Take a step back from the ‘hardcore’ as you seem to think of it and try just rapping. Real hip hop artists can rap acapella and their lyrics will still hold up. I won’t hurt my brain to imagine any of this group’s song without an overpowering, heavily condensed beat to drown out half of what your saying.)

RECAP: Catching up on recent releases.

One of my top 5 favorite MC’s of all time. One Be Lo released his new album L.A.B.O.R. (Language Arts Based On Reality) along with 2 mixtapes of old and unreleased material. All that music should hold you over till the next Binary Starr album.

A snippet of the upcoming second album from Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) was released. Sounds amazing.. can’t wait to hear a full song.

Madlib included a bonus disk when he released his album, Medicine Show No. 11. He calls the bonus disk, Madlib Around the World. This track is called Philadelphia.

Strange Fruit Project released a new album called Dreamer’s Journey. Not bad but I think I might miss their old material.

Finally, Phonte is rapping again (hopefully he will give up singing soon) and he and 9th Wonder are friends again.. So all is right with the underground again.

Tribute to Girls Who Use Profanity.

Dessa (of Doomtree). Found hip hop from  a different avenue than most female MC’s.

Old school greatness from Bahamadia.

Boog Brown is Bahamadia reincarnated for the modern hip hop era.

A man can be destroyed but not defeated. -Ernest Hemingway

I have a decent amount of new music to share for the first time in a few weeks.

Just found out about his group, Actual Proof and I have to say I’m impressed. This duo just signed to 9th Wonder’s record label so I expect this track to be an example of the kind of music is to come. This track is produced by frequent 9th Wonder collaborator, Khrysis.

OneBeLo was the first MC that I truly became I fan of. He’s still one of my favorite rappers of all time and I’ve been anxious to hear his long overdue next album. This is his newest track.

He can rap. Forget the “rappers” he hangs out with, the rappers he equated to, and the genre he’s placed in. In that group of talentless newcomers, Kendrick Lamar stands out because of his potential and lyrical ability.

Here’s my attempt at revisiting an artist I said I would get back to you guys about. More great chill music from ShinSight Trio.

Behind the scenes of Nas & Common’s “Ghetto Dreams”.

A psychedelic track from the Whitefield Brothers’ newest album released on Now Again Records.

What the Fuck is Chillwave?

I prefer the term psychedelic pop but whatever… just some heavily mixed, chill ass music.

I suppose this is my favorite artist from the genre, Toro Y Moi. Perhaps my favorite song as well.

While looking for other bands from the same genre I came across this song that struck me as very familiar. I realize now its the song from the opening credits of Portlandia. Awesome track and hilarious show.

Now I’m just getting lost on youtube and wikipedia looking for different artists. That’s usually how I find all these different bands but somehow I still feel out of the loop when listening to anything besides hip hop.

Summer TV

Shark Week

Whisker Wars

Curb Your Enthusiasm


Little Known Beatmakers

Jneiro Jarel works with MF DOOM often and I”ve heard they are even planning on working on an album together. This would be great news if I thought this project would ever see the light of day. For now just enjoy his unique instrumental tapes.

Newish producer with a lot of talent and a few beat tapes already circulating.

Clutchy Hopkins is famous for keeping his true identity a secret. That is, unless he’s an old caucasian homeless man.

Frequent collaborator of Qwel, Maker is starting to show he can be a stand alone producer.


More dope music I found while stumbling around on some of the blogs I follow. I’m behind because I was studying for the GRE but now I have a big chunk of music to share so not all bad.

Just came across this artist too. AF the Naysayer is his name and the track is produced by Luke St. John. Very intelligent, smooth raps right here. The beat is nice also.

Clan Destined is a new group with a lot of ability. This track is produced by LA based producer, P.U.D.G.E.

This track is off of Paul White’s upcoming album, Rapping with Paul White. Right when I was going to forget about this guy he makes a smart move like this. The above track features Guilty Simpson. If you like make sure to look out for the album.

My love is my soul’s imagination… How do I love you? Imagine. — Saul Williams

Up and coming Compton MC, Kendrick Lamar has been blowing up the last few weeks. I’m just glad to see a California MC with decent talent get some attention. I’ll have to keep an ear to his music though.. he might be a little to hard for my tastes. A lot of potential here, though.

Rhymesayers MC, Grieves released a new album recently entitled, Together Apart. I don’t know how Rhymesayers found a guy that fits so perfectly with the artists they already have but maybe that’s just the Minnesotta sound.

This beautiful track is from French Italian producer, Leon’s new LP, The Unseen Side of the Moon. I love producers that use vocal samples as part of the beat.. makes me feel like the beat is singing.

A chill beat from producer, Screw’s new EP, Come Through.